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Bernadette Van Haute

made me anticipate the possibility that he lived much longer, but the authorship of the drawing proves to be questionable. In this article I will present the known facts of the artist’s life and try to reconstruct his movements. This is followed by a discussion of works by or attributed to Willem

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What is Art?

The Question of Definition Reloaded

Tiziana Andina

representation, where the idea of a divinity appearing on stage and revealing itself through the bodies of those who venerate it publicly gives way to the idea of a divinity who is evoked through the capacity for representation of actors—actors who do not bring the divinity to life through their bodies but

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Barbara Haeger

for living one's life, because they believed that man could be per- 139 fected by following Christ and living in accord- ance with His teachings (J. Bruyn, Rembrandts keuze van bijhelse onderwerpen, Utrecht 1959, p. 12). As a result of these changes in exegesis, what Je- romc called the mystical

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Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

The Normativity of the Singular Case in Art and Law

Angela Condello

perspective of the singular artwork and jurisprudential case. Such a way of approaching normativity is familiar to the Western tradition of thought since the emergence of the first exemplary narratives, among which the life of Christ constitutes a paradigm of reference. Jesus Christ embodies a normativity

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Margaret A. Sullivan

. Juvenal’s criticism is not directed solely against the wealthy. He satirizes everyone who is so concerned with their worldly possessions that they go through life in a state of fear. Bosch’s traveler is not rich, but neither is he poor. Th e cumbersome pack on his back is large, he is fully clothed, a

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Adam Andrzejewski and Mateusz Salwa

deserve a philosophical interpretation because “they are today an art which goes deep into human nature” and that “the most interesting TV series are capable of creating significant philosophical discourses which help us to better understand the world we have been living in as well as forms of our

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Imago Decidendi

On the Common Law of Images

Peter Goodrich

imperium and living mouth of law – viva vox iuris , or in Bacon’s phrase, anima legis , meaning that it is the sovereign who brings the dead letters of law to life. 75 This division of foreground and vista, power and view is also a depiction of exterior and interior. The eye can pan out but it also then

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Andrea Baldini

Introduction: I Fought the Law, and the Law Swanned In May 1979, the English punk band The Clash released their EP The Cost of Living . The recording included among its tracks the cover of Sonny Curtis’s “I Fought the Law.” The song tells the story of a young criminal who goes to jail after

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Penny Howell Jolly

highly-stylish Burgun- dian court enjoyed this device of comparing a living personnage to some well- known past hero or heroine, and both Philip's and Isabelle's features were repeatedly so used." Jan himself may have included a disquised portrait of Cardinal Albergati in the disputed St. Jerome iya his

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Ulrich Marzolph

-ʿAzim (شاهزادۀ عبد العظیم; 5.4 × 14 cm) in Rayy, today a southern suburb of Tehran. ʿAbd al-ʿAzim was a descendant of ʿAli ibn Abi Talib’s eldest son, Hasan, who, according to Shiʿi tradition, lived a secluded and pious life in Rayy. The shrine, whose origins date from the ninth century, has been repeatedly