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Author: Kersti Markus

location of the village – it lay north of the cathedral and stretched to the River Daugava. 209 There must have been Germans living there too, as in connection with the building of the cathedral and the convent, both the Livs and the Germans were offered new living quarters or a price for their homes. 210

In: Visual Culture and Politics in the Baltic Sea Region, 1100-1250

and the focus on new chances and possibilities which nevertheless prevail in the end is mirrored paradigmatically in Vivien’s perception of space in Canterbury, where she has finally found her place in Britain as a student at art school, living in a very nice room with a view. It is clear for her that

In: Resistance and the City
Author: John March

Recent new research conducted by the author 1 employed a prosopographical method (the study of a group with similar biographical characteristics), collecting information from a variety of sources that provided basic life path details, as well as giving greater substance to the group members

In: Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933

starting point. For instance, he wrote his poem “Message Clear” by erasing letters from a well-known sentence in the Bible ( I am the resurrection and the life ). The first three lines form a strange question, using the remaining letters: “am i if i am he”. It is not only the famous quotation from John 11

In: Resistance and the City

produced with private financing, all portraying black life in a realistic way and from a black perspective. In the following I will look at two seminal full-length films from the period representing two very different trends in black filmmaking, with particular attention to the significance given to public

In: Resistance and the City
Author: Anthi Kosma

different than the combinations of lines; they are the very reality of everything that we perceive and express. […] Dramatic action and plastic surface can be reduced to the same reality: the modification of this large, vibrant surface, excited and modified by a unique force called Life. One should not

In: Intervening Spaces
Author: Barbara Korte

Holman Prometheus, one of the novel’s protagonists and main focalising figures, is a painter, small and disabled with “crippled legs” (32) like Toulouse Lautrec, and with a “rare skill for bringing to life the inhumanity of mankind” (7). Although he derives from a wealthy family, he first moved to The

In: Resistance and the City

changed to symbolically alter the collective memory of its residents. The group has been active for one year with a core of five families living around the park and the playground. – Prva Arhi-brigada – PAB (First Archi Brigade): a self-organised group of students of architecture, established in 2009 as

In: Intervening Spaces
Author: Nycole Prowse

is a condition of what is living, of matter, of the real, of the universe itself. It is what the universe imposes on us rather than we on it; it is what we find ourselves immersed in, given, as impinging and as enabling as our spatiality. 29 The subject-body is at time’s disposal no matter how much

In: Intervening Spaces
Author: Michael Bath

‘crown of life’ emblem. Figure 7.4 Stirling, Holy Rude kirkyard, gravestone of John Service, west face roundel. Photo author The two characters who appear to be struggling to grab something from a table turn out to copy Simpson’s illustration for Quarles’s Book III , emblem no.13 (1635, p. 172), based

In: Emblems in Scotland