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Return to an Inner Utopia

Su Shi’s Transformation of Tao Qian in
His Exile Poetry

Zhiyi Yang

outcome of his unyielding character. In this regard, both not only “returned” to living a spontaneous life in nature, but also chanced their return in seemingly different, but equally natural, fashions. Their difference was thus not a matter of choice (Tao) verses force (Su), but solely in that Tao

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D. Declercq

. The point of this development, of course, is to suggest that Confucius' precepts on when and why a gentleman ought to step out of public life (dating from the time when "Zhou in mid-course declined") are no longer valid today and did not motivate Shu Xi's choice for a life in seclusion. The examples

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Barend ter Haar

92 barend j. ter haar © Brill, Leiden, 2001 T’oung Pao LXXXVII BUDDHIST-INSPIRED OPTIONS: ASPECTS OF LAY RELIGIOUS LIFE IN THE LOWER YANGZI FROM 1100 UNTIL 1340 1 BY BAREND J. TER HAAR Leiden University When people in the Lower Yangzi region during the period from A.D. 1100 until 1340 (roughly

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Wu Hung

and stretching her arms towards either the men or the ape. The latter has been struck to the ground. Turning its head back and crying, the animal seems reluctant to lose its life and mountain home. The master, wearing a tall headdress, adopts a fencing gesture similar to the image in Scene B. His

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Giovanni Vitiello

the jailers-"having spent his time in a scandalous life".' I Let us rapidly move to the Chinese Empire of the time in which one of its citizens was martyred in Rome. Had the unlucky Lucio U never left Nanking, there is no doubt that his life would have been very different. But this is neither the

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Jingjing Li

over utility and even life. 20 Vegio replies with a series of tit-for-tat questions. What motivated those ancient figures to make valorous and admirable decisions? Was it honesty, which “has nothing to do with benefits, rewards, and achievements” (honestum id intelligamus quod tale est ut detracta

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Robert Ford Campany

alone to sustain life. He ends by surmising that such a claim must refer to the exhalation of stale qi and the inhalation of fresh, living qi , but rejects this, too, as a basis for immortality since it was what Ancestor Peng practiced and he, although long lived, died of illness. 113 This was, of

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Mark Halperin

forgoing meat and wine in favor of bland food. At times, she left her former living quarters and moved to a separate room within the household. In some cases, she led a life of near-complete isolation, with relatives rarely glimpsing her. For many women this shift constituted an important aspect of the

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C.T. Hsia

full- bodied presentation of reality. Hence I prefer "disinterested moral exploration," a phrase singled out by Prusek for contemptuous disapprobation, to the less strenuous kind of literary endeavor which is ulteriorly motivated and which is merely content to illus- trate some ready-made truth rather

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book allude to the work of the officials of government and their influence on daily living. Here it is necessary to distinguish between different policies that were adopted from time to time and to avoid a facile assumption that the government's effect on the material life of the Han people operated in