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Talking Sex, Making Love

P. Moe Nin and Intimate Modernity in Colonial Burma


Chie Ikeya

just north of the colonial capital Rangoon to a once affluent family, P. Moe Nin (aka Maung Kyaw Nyun) grew up with an absent father and a hard-working mother who eked out a meager living by selling various goods in the market. 6 In his autobiography P. moe nin e p. moe nin , (P. Moe Nin’s P. Moe Nin

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Modernity and the Body

Franco-Vietnamese Children in the Colonial Era and Beyond


Christina Firpo

age related. As 10 to 14 year-olds, these children were at the cusp of adolescence, a pivotal and potentially troublesome time in life. French administrators believed children’s morality to be malleable until they reached adolescence, at which point their characters would be irrevocably formed

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Diane O'Donoghue

this system of representa- tion within a singular place and therefore foreclose the possibility of examining other levels of meaning that may have motivated its creation and affected its reception. 334 DIANE M . O ’ DONOGHUE In opposition to the recording function of written language, the imagery

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Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt

often frequent occurrence of the following subjects or themes in wall decora- tion, painted or carved in stone: the tomb occupant(s), some times at a banquet, usually with scenes from his and/or her life; wrestlers, acrobats, dancers, and other entertainment for the occupant; mounted fi gures, including

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Picasso in the Tropics

European Modern Painting in Indonesia, 1920–1957


Tom van den Berge

poets had the right answer to who modern man was. In September 1922 the Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad published the answers some British and American poets gave to the question, was poetry necessary to modern man? “No”, poet and playwright Clifford Bax answered, “modern man is living a life where he neither

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Tsang Cheng-Hwa

and utilized starch-containing plants, fibrous plants, fruit-bearing plants, and oil-yielding plants (Yang 1991). It seems likely that the inhabitants of adjacent areas of southern China also made full use of the botanical resources in their living areas. By the Middle Neolithic, a greater number of

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Lothar Von Falkenhausen

region derives from Jin 晉 dynasty ( ad 265–419) and later historical writ- ings, which imposed a tendentious reading upon their Han 漢 sources. According to Qu, this spurious claim of early precedent may have been motivated by wishful thinking on the part of immigrants from the north, who hoped to imbue

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Peng Bangben

). It appears that the Cancong was the earliest among the ancient clans of the Shu area to obtain a name. This name probably derived from their living place where jagged rocks “looked like clusters of silkworms.” 4 According to the Xian Shu ji ҅✗⥆ , “the Cancong people initially lived in the stone caves

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Zhiyong Lan and Xiao-huang Yin

with the old country, however, most of them have little time, energy, a n d resources to participate in U.S.-China relations, especially in the political aspects of the relationship. After all, their first priority is to make a living for themselves a n d their families in 9. Pardee Lowe, Father and

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Mark Patrick McGuire

cultivate disciplined living, attain intrinsic this-worldly satiety, life-work balance and a quality of life distinct from the extrinsic post-retirement rewards promised to those who sacrificed their best energies to the corporate workplace during Japan’s so-called “economic miracle.” Rising interest in