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that it is only possible for the rich to find happiness and meaning in life when they give to the poor. There is, therefore, a subsequent understanding that this would then translate downwards to the poor being motivated to help those even less fortunate than them. This downward giving is not always

In: Assessing the Landscape of Taiwan and Korean Studies in Comparison
Author: Bunkyō Kin

Ōtomo, who was a son of Emperor Tenji (r. 668–672) and who committed suicide following defeat in the Jinshin War in 672. Ōmi no Mifune had been ordained as a Buddhist priest, but later returned to lay life and received the kabane (hereditary family title) Mabito. When the diplomatic mission from Silla

In: Literary Sinitic and East Asia
Authors: Jieun Han and Franklin Rausch

; thirdly, going hunting with my rifle; and lastly, galloping around on fast horses. Whether it was near or far, if I heard that there was a gallant and brave man living somewhere, I would take up my gun and ride off on my horse in search of him. If he proved himself to be a kindred spirit then I would

In: An Chunggŭn: His Life and Thought in His Own Words