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Growing Up in Mommy’s Blog

Raising Girls’ Voices in China

Annika Pissin

statistical report does not provide information about how many of the approximately 122 million blog-users are women or children, rural or urban. Yet, I assume that most bloggers are urban, based on Yu’s observation in 2007 that ‘blogging became a way of living for urban Chinese’ (Yu 2007: 425), and the

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Eva F. Nisa

giving me more knowledge about how to be a good female Muslim, but also motivate me to have extra energy to be committed to what I have chosen for my life, like this hijab syarʿi . In addition, Ayu and her team also strive not to post about controversial issues. They also block negative comments by

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Larissa Hjorth

. The most obvious group impacted by locative media and surveillance is women. As Katie Cincotta and Kate Ashford note, while geo-tagging might be fun, it can also leave a data trail of your life for criminals ( 2011 ). As they note, the history of gps as a military tool is important in thinking about

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Chris Goto-Jones

distinctive features of this method, which Van Bremen draws from the insights of Yanagita Kunio – the founder of this approach in modern Japan – is the way in which ‘visiting outsiders can observe objectively a number of tangible matters in the life and milieu of a community. However, they are not privy to

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The Networked China Researcher

Challenges and Possibilities in the Social Media Age

Marina Svensson

’ includes people I know from initial offline contacts, a few I first met online and later in real life, and quite a few I have never met. Initially, I followed mainly media institutions, journalists, public intellectuals and Chinese colleagues, all of whom were early adopters of weibo. Later, I added a

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Leonie Schmidt

involved in terrorism/violence, and not every terrorist (someone engaging in politically motivated violent behaviour meant to inspire fear) is necessarily ‘radical’. In other words: a terrorist does not necessarily hold religiously ‘extreme’ views (Horgan & Taylor 2011: 174). Consequently, countering

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Milan Ismangil

the singing of one’s national anthem) that are engrained through social routines. These rituals and routines do not stand out but, instead, form part of our everyday experience of living in a nation-state. It is through this banal flagging that we form a national identity. Flags, sports, language

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Jun Liu

Information Technology ( miit ), this number implies that over 85 percent of the 1.3 billion Chinese people own a mobile phone today ( miit 2013). Meanwhile, Chinese people devote a remarkable amount of time to mobile phone practices in everyday life (cnBeta 2009). The increasing ubiquity and widespread use

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Dal Yong Jin

Naver Corporation. In 2011, it launched a new service that took on a life of its own. line was developed in Japan after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Widespread damage to Japan’s telecommunications infrastructure obliged nhn Japan employees to rely on internet tools to communicate

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Martin Slama and Bart Barendregt

; Schmidt 2017; Shamsul 1999). Compared to their peers in much of the global North, a large part of Southeast Asia’s young middle class arguably has opted to live ‘the modern life’ religiously and often in ways more orthodox than their parents or grandparents would have done only one or two generations