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A Time of Normalcy

Javanese ‘Coolies’ Remember the Colonial Estate

Nicole Lamb

article derive from a larger collection of oral history interviews recorded in 2010 with former Javanese estate workers in Kayu Aro. In 2010, I spent nine months living on the tea estate and recording the life narratives of two generations of elderly villagers, their stories collectively encapsulating the

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Majed Akhter

theory and dozens of entrancing maps to demonstrate that ‘the systematic overhaul’ of the environment of Singapore, a prosperous, multi-ethnic city-state in Southeast Asia, ‘represents a deliberate and politically motivated form of social transformation and management, a transformation monitored from

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Elizabeth Chandra

. Liem must have been familiar with Tan’s account as his description of the workers’ living quarters in Merah is curiously similar to a scene of the city in the aftermath of the 1918 riot cited in Tan’s book. But to speculate that Liem had been motivated by racial prejudice in his choice of a hajji

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Harry A. Poeze

into perspective. Special attention is given to the role and position of a ship surgeon, life aboard a VOC ship, the importance of intra-Asian trade, and the background of his observations on Batavia, Siam, and Coromandel. The text is in the contemporary vocabulary of the 1650s. With some exertion it

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others, now unable to grow food for themselves in the traditional way, fall into debt, have to sell whatever land they possess, and find themselves eking out a precarious living from scarce wage labour: In these highlands […] capitalist relations emerged by stealth. No rapacious agribusiness

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Thomas Karsten’s Indonesia

Modernity and the End of Europe, 1914–1945

Joost Coté

to contribute positively to the quality of Javanese urban public life, and Karsten’s architectural work is generally recognized for its reference to Javanese architectural heritage (Sulmalyo 1995). 1 In town planning in colonial Indonesia he is considered a ‘pioneer in the field’ (Wertheim 1958:xii

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Ana Dragojlovic

life narratives told in semi-structured, open-ended interviews over a period of several years by Indies people of different socio-economic backgrounds living in the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Participants were initially solicited through community networks and social media

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Harry A. Poeze

, Charles Boniface, living in South Africa, pioneer writer in the Afrikaans language, Multatuli, P.A. Daum, Melati van Java and N. Adriani. In at most ten pages, known experts sketch life and misery of their subjects for a wider audience. W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, Bali, toen het nog een paradijs was

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Kevin Blackburn

that our ways of thinking and living temporality itself are undergoing a significant shift’ (Huyssen 2003 :4) In the twenty-first century, the growth of the digital media, in which individuals can record their memories and upload them, accelerated this trend. Andrew Hoskins, a memory studies theorist

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Agents for Change

Local Women’s Organizations and Domestic Violence in Indonesia

Dina Afrianty

resistance and self-determination to regain control in her life, and in her attempt to stop the abuse she experiences’. Some women exercise their agency having gained it as a matter of individual ability, while others do so through social and legal inquiry, and deal with the societal and legal context of