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Galen Amstutz

provided significant contributions to rural life in their day (mosquito netting, medicines, textiles and clothing, hats, oil, pawnshops, and brewing). And, although the connection is somewhat more indirect, their behavior was not governed purely by the acquisition of wealth but also, in a majority of cases

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Children of Buddha, or Caretakers of Women?

Self-Understandings of Ordained Buddhist Women in Contemporary Japan

Monika Schrimpf

comfortably with me” (interview, September 2014). To her, looking and living like an ordinary woman enables her to help women in her everyday life and to convey the Buddhist “wisdom,” namely that Buddha (or the universe) is in everybody’s heart. 14 This partial de-emphasis of a gap between ordained

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Rafael Shoji and Frank Usarski

Introduction In contrast to the notion of globalization, which refers to a top-down process of “universalization” both in the geographical dimension and in the sense of an “encompassing range of influence” on all spheres of life (Beyer 2007: 98), the concept of glocalization implies

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David C. Lewis

generation are living longer, and if the younger generations are more likely to be living separately from their elderly parents, the proportion of households with a butsudan will decrease. Even though an aging population and an increase in life expectancy tend to push back the time when funerals occur

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Toshiaki Kimura

, temporary housing built by local governments. Plans to relocate those affected to a safer interior area are now being enacted at many sites. These plans give affected people hope for a new, safer life, but at the same time, some communities face a crisis because they have been depopulated by the relocation

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From Miko to Spiritual Therapist

Shamanistic Initiations in Contemporary Japan

Ioannis Gaitanidis and Aki Murakami

, Ms Takajima ([48] in fig. 1) can be said to have had a very eventful life. An only child, she found the forming of human bonds a difficult exercise and described herself as a hikikomori ひきこもり, 2 even suggesting that she may have suffered from Asperger syndrome. At the age of twelve, however, she

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John K. Nelson

Ward, “secularism is analyzed most fruitfully as a discourse of displacement that fixes citizens’ reasonable anxieties . . . on ‘religion,’ constructed as an anomalous and unstable object in the ‘secular’ field of public life” (Ward 2010 : 34). In Japan, however, during the nation’s rapid

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The Japan Islamic Congress

A Possible Case of an Islamic New Religion in Japan

Kieko Obuse

on the basis of more recent scholarship on NRM s. 23 According to Shimazono (1990a: 5–6) and Nishiyama (1990a: 23), a new religion is 1) an organized religion, which is 2) focused on the pursuit of happiness in the present life. It also 3) promotes teachings and practice that are easy for and

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Fabio Rambelli

modern life (houses, cars, stores). More recent additions include “immaterial” technological products such as websites, internet services, and virtual mascots (Nelson 2013, Porcu 2014, Travagnin 2016, Thomas 2016). The need for objects as a way to establish Buddhism as a general cultural system has

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Elizabeth A. Oyler

emotional bond between waki and shite that the waki emphasizes in the opening sashi , which quotes the familiar adage: “To share the shade of a tree, to drink from the same stream, all these are the result of karmic bonds” (Sanari 1963 : 2085; Waley 1922 : 80). 11 Such bonds motivate the kagen