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husband, who already has an apartment in Tel Aviv. Venerable Chaim B. from Wrocław is thinking about his daughter and son-in-law, who have been living near Haifa for 20 years. But I don’t know what a 70-year-old woman who has been living in a municipal poorhouse in Lublin or a 65-year-old disabled woman

In: Polish Jews in Israel

assimilate while living in Poland were most often connected to left-wing parties. From the mid-1950s onwards, Jews with liberal views were arriving in Israel from Poland, for whom the right-wing Cherut party had nothing to offer politically and was thus not an option. A further obstacle was ideology

In: Polish Jews in Israel

development of the kibbutz movement, sought “human reserves” among young, ideological people who were ready to accept the principles of communal life. 21 The status of a new oleh in the party made it impossible for people who had been leaders and activists of Hashomer Hatzair movement in the diaspora

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“internal emigration.” In 1967 people presenting these different stances found themselves in a similar position in Poland – they were all reproached for their Jewish origins and removed from public life, and those who had not been stigmatized receded from public life on their own. The anti

In: Polish Jews in Israel
Author: Holger Nath

the Forverts motivated him to write this feuilleton. He was generally very critical of this intellectual life and mocked the pretentiousness of the literati. He claimed that he was pursuing his dream, and that his goals would not be achieved by spending time in a frivolous locale like a café

In: Places and Forms of Encounter in Jewish Literatures

culture—not as a radical, externally motivated departure. It can be understood as a variation on the practice of pseudonymous attribution: Ben Sira is attributing his collected wisdom to himself as its exemplary tradent so that his name becomes one of the celebrated ones in the ongoing story of Israel

In: Sirach and Its Contexts
Author: Elisabeth Güde

trip to Bulgaria, at a time when he was already living in Vienna. He listens to a speech by his cousin, an ardent Zionist, speaking in Judeo-Spanish to the Jewish Community of Sofia and is deeply surprised when he realizes that his cousin’s speech is in Judeo-Spanish, wondering about the fact that one

In: Places and Forms of Encounter in Jewish Literatures

women seem good, but the wise person perceives that only Woman Wisdom’s offer is truly good, leading to life (9:6), while Woman Folly’s offer merely appears good. She is, in fact, a counterfeit leading to death (9:18; cf. 14:12; 16:25). 7 One important pedagogical advantage of this construct is

In: Sirach and Its Contexts

, mediated and unmediated divine performative speech, often uttered in a geographical setting reminiscent of the Torah. The new community’s restricted lexical vocabulary is characterized by creative intertextuality within the Pentateuch’s wilderness setting. This community was living the life of Scripture

In: Sacred Texts and Disparate Interpretations: Qumran Manuscripts Seventy Years Later
Author: Oded Zinger

hear what transpired in that court. Was the document that was considered a forgery in the Jewish court accepted by the Muslim court? We do not know. But because Bārra was perceived as “abandoning the living laws of God ”, she was deemed deserving of a ban ( ḥerem ) by the Jewish court. However, before

In: Language, Gender and Law in the Judaeo-Islamic Milieu