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S. Daniel Breslauer

and motivating them to creative action. The Jewish philosopher, by contrast, exalted a contemplative ideal. Inspired by Hellenic intellectualism, Jewish philosophers, according to Kaplan, sought the highest good in thought, not in deeds. This lack of concern for the daily problems of Jewish living

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Michael Löwy

rituals; labor was motivated by pleasure and the joy of producing, whether in housework, agriculture, or the crafts; social relations were based on mutual help and confidence; and spiritual life was inspired by Kultur , i.e., by religion, art, ethics, and philosophy. In contrast, the modern social world

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David Janssens

account; and whoever understands it, under- stands that a life which does not account for itself is not worth living for man. Thus, Socrates gives an answer to the question regarding the right way of life: raising the question regarding the right way of life - this alone is the right way of life·" (CAM

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Roman Katsman

detachment (created in crisis), but rather nonseparateness of the individual and the universal, of the living individual and of the world as a single unique individual. 39 In other words, the crisis is an essence of life. Being tragedy in its form, the crisis provides emotional purification and reunites

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Martina Urban

become di ff erent”—and thus to make a di ff erence—propels the individual to draw an existential connection between one’s personal history, God’s destiny, and the life of others. Motivated by a reli- gious consciousness, the “willing of culture” focused on the shaping of the world and existence in accord

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Hanoch Ben-Pazi

for militancy is perceived as a quest for life forces, and not only as a quest for justice and a nationalist point of view. Just as a human being who is alive is one who is prepared to fight for his own existence, a people willing to struggle for its existence is a living people. 8 In one of his more

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Annette Aronowicz

Idem., Di ffi cile Liberté , 1976, p. 212. of the State. In speaking about the Emancipation of the Jews dur- ing the French Revolution, he suggests that it might indeed have represented a movement toward the universal and that the Jews’ entrance into the political life of the nations means acknowledging

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Jonathan Cohen

); Reflections of the Rav (Abraham Bes- din, ed., Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1989); The LonelY Man of Faith (New York, Doubleday, 1992). 4 Strauss's own reflections on his early life and intellectual concerns can be found in ''A Giving of Accounts" with Jacob Klein, in The College (Annapolis and Santa Fe) 22, 1 (April

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From Genius to Taste

Martin Buber’s Aestheticism

Sarah Scott

living perception of nature and people, a teacher for a living feeling of all that is strong and beautiful. . . . The deepest secrets of our national soul . . . will become evident in it and shine with the fire of life eternal. We will behold and recognize ourselves. 17 Artists are necessary both to

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Moshe Hellinger

anarchy and the separation of life from the Torah. The solution is to promote halakhic legislation that is democratically enacted by the collective of Torah observers for the sake of the Torah. This sort of legislation is motivated by a collective concern, which re fl ects a sort of a Rousseauian “general