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Author: Ari Mermelstein

is suggested by an important change that the Jubilean author makes to the biblical injunction against consuming blood. According to Lev 7:27, 17:10, and 14, one who consumes blood will suffer the punishment of ‮כָּרֵת‬‎: “Since the life of every living body is its blood, I have told the Israelites

In: From Scrolls to Traditions

victim. The function of the angels of fire is to make life so painful and restless for Ali that he, and presumably his household, will not be able to sleep until he leaves. That such spells were not unheard of is shown by another fragment, TS K1.24, which contains a brief formula that was used in this

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to which they belonged. A comment excerpted from an article he published in 2005 serves as a fitting segue to my topic: 3 Rabbinic sources codified the practices in customary use in this domain of life, so that the usages in evidence in our documents generated the rabbinic rulings

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Hasmonean ruler Alexander Janneaus is often identified with 1QpHab xi 8–17, which associates excessive drinking with the priest’s downfall. 8 This is because Josephus describes Janneaus as dying from alcoholism: “His life in the field and the inebriety to which he had become addicted combined to bring on a

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Author: Katrin Kaufmann

palace at 94 Naberezhnaia reki Moiki that Nikolai Iusupov had redesigned with interiors in various styles. The resulting series of colored stereoscopic daguerreotypes contains two images of its so-called Vostochnaia gostinaia – the Oriental Living Room – that showed a multitude of exotic furnishings

In: Mudejarismo and Moorish Revival in Europe

Jews of the Land of Israel and the Diaspora gradually replaced pilgrimage, sacrifices, first-fruit offerings, and tithes with prayer and fasting. Prohibited from visiting or living in the city by the Roman rulers, the Jews gradually began to view Jerusalem as a distant object of longing. Physical

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