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How to Know You’ve Survived Death

A Cognitive Account of the Popularity of Contemporary Post-mortem Survival Narratives

Claire White, Michael Kinsella and Jesse Bering

living, this is seen as constituting strong evidence for the phenomenon (e.g., see Stevenson 1997; Tucker 2005). Most often, but not exclusively, these marks correspond with wounds that would have been inflicted at the time of death in a previous life. Congenital abnormalities such as missing fingers

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Jeff Carter

" or interviewing people in their local language. It may include such activities, but in fact, fieldwork is more essentially an engagement between the scholar and a domain of human life worthy of inquiry. It is a mode of investigation that not only recognizes the context-dependent character of all

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Faydra Shapiro

unprecedented opportunity for the autonomy of personal life for “everybody”. It also contains a serious danger—of motivating mass withdrawal into the “private sphere” while “Rome burns.” (1967: 117) Many within the Jewish community would argue that the “informed assimilation” chosen by some Livnot participants

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Joseph Bulbulia

and orienting religious com- mitments (which, as we have seen come easily to children) for the benefits these commitments bring to children over the long haul. In living in a group of strongly motivated co-religionists who reliably recognize the genuine com- mitments of others, no external policing is

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To Naturalize is to Differentiate

How Recent Scientific Theories of Cognition Provide a More Plural Basis for Theorizing Religion

Stefani Ruper

play a constant role in the convergence of human experience, behavior, and belief. But as the multilayered adaptive landscapes of human life change, so do the functional orientations of our brains” (603). An example of a stable feature would be the sky being blue, or living amongst other humans; this

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Donald Wiebe

of the Paleolithic was of the gatherer-hunter who foraged for their livelihood. Hobbes describes our ancestors as living in ‘continual fear’ with ‘a danger of violent death’ and a life that was ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’ In actuality, Paleolithic populations appear to have been

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Justin Barrett

, intuitive cognition occurs early in development. Hence, it plays a role in shaping thought and communication from the early years of life. Th is notion of intuitive cognition has been imported quite successfully into explanations of recurrent cultural patterns. Simply put, ideas that match intu- itive

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Paul Cassell

unity. Nature as a whole, as well as human experience and social life, should demonstrate the truth of divine concepts. When this happens, it is celebrated by religious communities, but when nature, human experience, or social life fails to indicate its “ground of being,” the religious “work” of ritual

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Kim Knott

or several religions as it or they manifest in a particular geographical area. In such studies, while a description may be given of the locality, its character, demography, social and eco- nomic life, it is rare for these factors to be understood as engaging with, informing and being informed by the

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The Spiritual Illusion

Constructive Steps toward Rectification and Redescription

Jonathan R. Herman

thinking about it: “Spirituality concerns the quest for a fulfilled and authentic religious life, involving the bringing together of the ideas distinctive of that religion and the whole experience of living on the basis of and within the scope of that religion” (2-3). The third quality associated with