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reflections is to develop the importance of spirituality in relation to violence and to link ecclesia’s experience and traditional spirituality to the interatedness of violence and facilitation of a culture and life of respect. Today, the various principal faith traditions in our society contribute to

In: "Ökumene ist keine Häresie"

Christian “Romanitas” after the first decades of the 4th century to practical political purposes. In the much broader picture of the construction of a coherent political ideology, though, it is the cosmic significance that a religious and especially ritual uniformity acquires that motivates the religious

In: "Ökumene ist keine Häresie"

beings; iii) transcendence of time and space; iv) a sense of living presence in everything; v) noetic quality or attainment of higher knowledge; vi) sacredness or awe; vii) feelings of joy, peace and love; viii) paradoxicality; and ix) ineffability. The validity of Pahnke’s findings was confirmed by a

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion
Author: Jenny H. Pak

settings, scenes, characters, plots, and themes. Stories are ideally suited to capture how a human actor, endowed with consciousness and motivated by intention, enacts desires and beliefs and strives for goals over time and in social context. (p. 117) In the life story, the narrative process of

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology

, so that just one recent and particularly clear example must suffice. The Editor’s Introduction to The Cambridge Handbook of Western Mysticism and Esoterism (Magee 2016) claims that all that is typically categorized as “mystical” alludes to a life transforming and inexpressible experience of what it

In: Method & Theory in the Study of Religion

artist. He will endeavour to awake subtler emotions, as yet unnamed. Living himself a complicated and comparatively subtle life, his work will give to those observers capable of feeling them lofty emotions beyond the reach of words. Concerning the Spiritual in Art 7–8 Presumably these

In: Religion and the Arts
Author: Fabio Vicini

neoliberal restructuring in the country since the 1980s. In particular, the chapter investigates the way Muslims working as volunteers in this faith-based organization in contemporary Turkey think of their activism as a significant, often even essential, part of fully living a Muslim life in today’s society

In: Muslim Subjectivities in Global Modernity
Author: William Over

intrudes upon the everyday tasks of people around him, demanding that their lives change to produce more harmony. His alternative approach to daily living succeeds through a childish innocence that demands from iranian cinema 239 others their participation in his vision of a life more immediate and ful

In: Passages

significance (e.g., having a life worth living). Contrary to these definitions, Frankl (1959) proposed a more existentially derived form of meaning in which persons struggle to find significance in order to explain their limited and confusing existences. Man’s search for meaning can be impacted by a variety of

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology

’s the failure to live that makes one ill, and humiliates one.” 125 Contrary to a common view of illness, which sees it as a force that upsets or disrupts the natural course of life, Birkin claims that it constitutes one of the truest signs that life itself is amiss. Illness, in other

In: Religion and the Arts