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Ottavio Palombaro

dependent variable dates back to Max Weber’s analysis in his masterpiece The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism ([1905] 1930). Other important sociologists were motivated to conduct further analysis ( Tawney [1922] 1967 ; Groethuysen 1927 [1964]), and a specialized field of studies developed as

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A Case of Chinese Graduate Students in Two Sociocultural Contexts in the United States

Cynthia Baiqing Zhang

a stranger, who had a similar life experience. “I cried a lot. I was moved,” lsj recalled. After the incident, she went to church every week, got to know her future husband, who was also Christian, and became enthusiastic about converting acquaintances to Christianity. lsj ’s Christian

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Fuk-tsang Ying, Hao Yuan and Siu-lun Lau

unsettled character of migrant workers hinders the formation of a civil society. The third is Chinese traditional living patterns and organizational practices. Even after half a century of socialist reform, these trends prevail and exert great influence on cultural norms and even spiritual life. Although

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Gareth Fisher

in the city making a living collecting recyclable materials that she found on the city streets, in garbage containers, or outside business establishments. Chen was also a lay Buddhist, whom I had first met at the nearby Temple of Universal Rescue (Guangji Si 广济寺). As we talked, Chen explained to me

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Paul P. Mariani

between the two. “Love country, love church,” became her watchwords. She was thus transformed from aliving saint” in Catholic circles into a political saint imbued with political consciousness, anti-imperialism, and patriotism. As proof of her commitment to her new cause and despite family opposition

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Abt (欧克德) Oded

: It is the ling-hun that gives a person his or her individuality. The ling-hun of the deceased exhibit individuality, as do those of the living. Consider the following kinds of evidence … when offerings are made to individual ancestors on their death-day anniversaries, anyone who remembers the

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Kamila Kolpashnikova, Matthew Galway and Osamu Sudoh

-companions, a consciousness of connectedness … emerges, above all when all share a single language-of-state. If applied to the Taiwanese, or to Chinese living in Taiwan, one can see that the notion of sameness in the form of national identity arose as “pilgrims” ventured across the Taiwan Strait during

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Naomi Thurston

competition for (re-) entry into academic life, however, was fierce, The reintroduction of the national university entrance exam, which Gloria Davies credits with bringing about the “normalization of Chinese intellectual life,” presented the first considerable obstacle for those who chose to pursue a career

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Joseph Tse-Hei Lee (李榭熙)

came to terms with the traumatizing experience of incarceration as part of a broader life struggle, and how Chinese churches made sense of these persecution accounts to assert their faith and agency. The findings and insights throw light on the transformation of Christianity from a mistrusted and

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citizens from all walks of life,” while also “sincerely wishing that all those who are trying to voice their grievances will be persistent in keeping calm. Where there is a will, there is a way.” While the Catholic Church’s stance seems to be one of retreat and moderation, Cardinal Zen’s updates from his