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Authors: Jianbo Huang and Mengyin Hu

modernized and as living a materially poor life on the geographic periphery of mainland China. However, in the Chinese academy, few scholars draw a distinction between such studies and Han-focused Chinese Christianity studies, even though there are few similarities in tradition across ethnicities, nor have

In: Review of Religion and Chinese Society

-cultural and political considerations motivated the proposal of the Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Festival as an intangible cultural heritage. The Hungry Ghosts Festival is a Buddhist celebration that originated in India and is known in China as Yulanpen 盂蘭盆 or the Yulan Festival. The story of Mulian, who rescued

In: Review of Religion and Chinese Society
Author: Jane Caple

monastic life, but recent work has pointed to a more complex mixture of factors, including issues specific to the female condition in Tibetan lay society and the alternative life that communities like Yachen offer. 8 Nuns maintain a low position within the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy, but Yasmin Cho

In: Review of Religion and Chinese Society
Author: Gareth Fisher

, many ex-participants of the Bailin Chan Monastery’s summer camp living in Beijing rented apartment space to organize meditation sessions, sometimes inviting a local monastic to help. Some popular lay Buddhist activities are too large in scale for temple spaces. These include “life rescue” ( fangsheng

In: Review of Religion and Chinese Society

insight. 15 Aleksej Losev (1893–1988) was the living “link” between the pre-revolutionary religious philosophers, some of whom he had met personally, and the religious dissidents during the post-Stalin Soviet years. He had spent parts of his life as a prisoner in Soviet labor camps. Upon his

In: Russian Orthodoxy and Secularism
Author: Fabio Vicini

neoliberal restructuring in the country since the 1980s. In particular, the chapter investigates the way Muslims working as volunteers in this faith-based organization in contemporary Turkey think of their activism as a significant, often even essential, part of fully living a Muslim life in today’s society

In: Muslim Subjectivities in Global Modernity

opened a professional mainstay for him after his return to India in 1923. Henceforth, he practiceed law for a living, and for some periods of his life he taught law. The knowledge of law was an important asset for him in his manifold campaigns for the emancipation of the untouchables from their

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In: Handbook of Leaving Religion

dependent variable dates back to Max Weber’s analysis in his masterpiece The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism ([1905] 1930). Other important sociologists were motivated to conduct further analysis ( Tawney [1922] 1967 ; Groethuysen 1927 [1964]), and a specialized field of studies developed as

In: Review of Religion and Chinese Society
Author: Lena Roos

prayers of pious Christian women, the love Christians show to Jews and the good example of righteous Christian living ( Roos 2006 : 53). Another well-known convert was the Dominican Paul Christian, who delivered a number of forced sermons for Jews in Spain, and who was furthermore the Christian adversary

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In: Handbook of Leaving Religion

congregations use to reach followers, but also how the culture of digital media spaces shifts religious meaning, community, authority, and theology. Through a discussion of an alternative Christian community in Denver, Mahan explores how online spaces enable new ways of living a Christian life in community with

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In: Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture