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small operators, enlightened enough to see that it is in their own interests to curb their inclination to go it alone. They join forces to get the necessary but distracting things done which ensure that they can make a living out of what really is their hobby. When, on the Continent, the restrictive

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Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona and modern bookbinding art. It was an enthusiastic, witty and on occasion thought-provoking exposition from which not only the speaker's expert knowledge and special predilections became abundantly apparent-in everyday life he is a professor of rheumatology-but also the

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‘Large and Handsome Volumes’

Early Owners of Benjamin Hoadly’s Works

William Gibson

attacking Hoadly in the addenda to the lives. He noted that, since a cut had to be made in a column in Winchester Cathedral for Hoadly’s monument, ‘it may be said with truth of Bishop Hoadly that both living and dead he undermined the Church of which he was a prelate!’ 8 This attack on Hoadly is echoed by

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Dora Van Velden and P. Tuynman

library belonging to Mr. E. Pelinck, director of the Koninklijk Huis-Archief. An exceptionally large sum was paid for 1. Bergstrom's Dutch still- life painting, London 1947 (fl. 2100,-), while H. Weizsacker's Die Zeichnungen Adam Else- heimers, 3 vols, Berlin 1936-52 fetched a healthy fl. 1700,-, and N. R

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Hans Renders

turning point. During the occupation it had refused to publish uncensored letters written by the Indonesian freedom fighter Sutan Sjahrir to his wife Maria Dûchateau at a time when he was imprisoned in Dutch colonial punishment camps and she was living in Santpoort. Sjahrir’s letters were passed on to De

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Fernand Baudin

for more than twelve years. Ray Nash made a wonderful job as a translator, editor and commentator. Stanley Morison wrote an introduction. The Dialogue is a fictitious conver- sation involving Pierre Hamon and Robert Estienne his publisher. Both were living celebrities. The views expressed in the

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Clayton McCarl

living piece of history. The ruin, however, has been violently decontextualized – transported thousands of miles and posed in a carefully controlled environment – and in the process has become a fixed, curated museum piece. As part of that transformation, these posterior modifications have become part of

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as persona non grata was forbidden to set foot on Her Royal Majesty's territory, was residing at Amsterdam. According to Samuel Bochart, a French scholar who was living in Stockholm as Christina's guest and who had access to her library, this library had, as the result of an event to which we shall

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Lisa Kuitert

areas of social and cultural life’, according to their brochure. 2 De Baanbreker was established in 1930 by the then 25-year- old Gilles Pieter de Neve, solicitor and son of a resident of the Dutch East Indies, who had, against the grain of his culture, become a socialist. 3 De Baanbreker was not

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Editing Feminism in the Rowohlt Verlag Paperback Series

rororo neue frau and rororo rotfuchs during the 1970s and 1980s

Corinna Norrick-Rühl

the Third World, child abuse, poverty, divorce, living with disabilities, books from the perspective of immigrants and minorities, etc. rotfuchs spearheaded a distinct leftward movement in West German children’s and young adult publishing, and many other mainstream publishers followed suit. In line