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only with the new piece of equipment, but also with the whole of telescopic astronomy, to the point that later in life he abandoned optical devices altogether in favor of earlier “mathematical instruments.” These aided him in the naked-eye observations he performed in order to produce a massive

In: Maps of the Moon

criticized for their “errors,” newspaper maps provoke discomfort among scholars who hold that the history of cartography is a monolithic evolution of scientific practices. Yet images published in newspapers and magazines have undeniably been crucial in social, cultural and political life. By considering the

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Map History
Author: Sandra Toffolo

Bartolomeo Pagello was born in Vicenza between 1446 and 1448. 37 He spent most of his life living and working in his home town. In addition to his literary activities, at various points in his life he held political office in Vicenza’s local government. He was also charged on several occasions with the task

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finding that Hevelius refused to adopt them because they would make all the old observations of no value. He had spent a laborious and active life in the exercise of the old methods, and could not bear to think that all the treasures which he had accumulated had lost their worth by the discovery of a new

In: Brill Research Perspectives in Map History
Author: Sandra Toffolo

appealed to a predominantly Venetian audience. This chapter therefore includes authors like Giorgio Dolfin, a Venetian patrician living in Venice, but also people like Jacopo d’Albizzotto Guidi and Francesco degli Allegri, neither of whom were originally from Venice, but who were living there and writing

In: Describing the City, Describing the State
Author: Bronwen Wilson

Adam in the Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes. Adam, reclining on a corner of earth, is about to be infused with life by God whose potency is magnified by the capacious drapery he steers through the firmament. Through association, the Florentine Amerigo Vespucci is endowed with similar formative powers

In: Bodies and Maps
Author: Nadja Danilenko

’s, al-Jayhānī’s treatise encompassed trade, topography and mirabilia as well as a world map divided into seven climes. 4 Unfortunately, this work is no longer available to us. Whatever motivated al-Balkhī to write the Images of the Climes , al-Muqaddasī described it as follows: Abū Zayd al

In: Picturing the Islamicate World