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Ahuvia Kahane

1 Introduction For a long time now, * we have recognized that Homeric diction contains a mix of formulaic and non-formulaic elements, that orality and literacy can coexist, that modalities of performance, reception, and cognition can be interlaced, that in some ways all language

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Lynn Kozak

: “We cannot suppose that Euripides made these alterations designedly. The numerals have no literary value in themselves, and it does not seem likely that patriotism or antiquarian zeal had made the size of the contingents a living question.” See the same page for a full account of the differences in

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Eris and Epos

Composition, Competition, and the Domestication of Strife

Joel P. Christensen

traditional advice on good living and with the task of figuring out how to achieve a better life in the world outside of the poem. Taken together, the Homeric and Hesiodic poems offer nuanced and complex presentations of the theme of eris and prepare us for equally sophisticated evaluations of its

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Gillian E. McIntosh

person living it. 22) In the ‘Myth of Er’, Plato provides a philosophical representation, in narrative form, of the transmigration of the souls. All souls, it would seem, are continually recycled; and all souls experience some sort of moral reward or recompense between each life. 23) If we consider

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economic situation would remain as hard as it is. The basic elements (distrust, hardship) are present. Moreover Knemon seems to have started life as a philanthropist. He now represents the last level of the three: a lack of friendliness, or misanthropy. His disillusion turned him into a misanthrope. While

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Sergio Yona

A number of studies have elucidated the Epicurean undertones of Horace’s portrayal of Ofellus in Sermones 2.2, although many of these connections tend to be limited to food. Various scholars, for instance, have noted the prominence in this satire of meagre fare and country living, 1 both of

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though there is a law, this law can easily be violated in life, and it is life which is depicted in the comedies of Plautus. The low price that Callicles gave to Lesbonicus could have two di V erent aims. Firstly in this way a charge against Callicles made by Megaronides is alleviated. The charge was

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Lindsay Watson

made that life’s unfortunates must wander destitute, ‘despised by men and gods alike’. Some time later Tyrtaeus poignantly summed up the contempt in which beggars, whose ranks Vacerra has just 1) If, in what follows, I occasionally talk of Vacerra as though he were a real individual, this is not to be

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representative of the strug- gle between life and death for, as Kirk has discussed, the struggle with Geryon may be primarily a fertility issue, and the capture of Kerberos may be an example of civilised negotiation, in that Herakles does return Kerberos. 29 ) However, in this play questions of mortal- ity

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S.L. James

daily life in it. She works diligently at her weaving, even at night (33-4) and takes the company of only her sister and nurse (41-2), a single puella as a visitor or attendant (53-4), and her puppy Craugis (55-6). Arethusa performs the appropriate rituals, at home and outside, for Lycotas’ safe