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Author: Koen Vacano

tragic hero because the very success that is his meaning is his undoing”. 40 By asserting himself as an individual above the crowd, by living the American dream if you will, Scarface inevitably creates the enemies that will destroy him. As in Aristotle’s view, the very aspiration for a good outcome is

In: Framing Classical Reception Studies

to give up immortality, the hero makes the challenge of death possible, which is tied to living a meaningful human life. The Voyage-of-the-Argo narrative serves symbolically as a katabasis , a journey to/through a virtual Underworld which contains powers of inversion and chaos, as well as secrets of

In: The Modern Hercules
Author: Frances Foster

was ‘better-looking’ than Percy is interesting, since Percy himself is always represented as being good-looking, even though he shows no signs of acknowledging this himself. The Naiad’s remark is thus a taunt to motivate Percy to consider his attitude to Hercules, rather than a genuine comparison of

In: The Modern Hercules
Author: Arlene Allan

’ desire is to help all the people of Calydon who may be in distress, he does respond. In two other episodes, her endangerment is again what motivates his intervention. On one such occasion Helena is used as a hostage by the Thracian commander, Diomedes, to prevent Hercules from opposing his assault on

In: The Modern Hercules

increase as from the mid-20th century, basically due to the work of H. Erbse on the edition of the scholia on the Iliad and W. W. Koster’s project of a new edition of the Aristophanes scholia . 5 These projects breathed new life into the whole field of ancient scholarship and thrust it into the

In: History of Ancient Greek Scholarship
Author: Laura Candiotto

construction of a new context. Foucault identifies philosophy as a form of life in the choice of telling the truth in relation to power. Thus, it is the responsibility of the individual who, instead of living passively or unconsciously her relation with power, develops a critical attitude, which enables her

In: Platonism

the duration of life, the flow of activities, and the stream of representations. By imagining that the moment or day we are living is the last, we immobilize the present in a snapshot, so to speak”. In this way all our activities can be evaluated with accuracy and precision, so that it becomes

In: Brill's Companion to the Reception of Athenian Democracy

Prolegomena ’s reception of Plato, the final section of this study culminates in a detailed analysis of the author’s hermeneutical strategies, beginning with its endorsement of the Iamblichean curriculum in divergence from other established reading orders, e.g. chronologies from the life of Socrates or

In: Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Plato in Antiquity

for today’s use […] Only we living today can possibly find a solution to the problems of today”. 27 The purpose of such a return was to achieve “an adequate understanding of the principles” in order to analyse present-day society. In his critical engagement with Collingwood’s idea of history Strauss

In: Brill's Companion to the Reception of Athenian Democracy
Author: Asaph Ben-Tov

agenda, the young professor came under the influence of Martin Luther and was to play a central role in the unfolding of the Reformation for the next forty-two years of his life. In these early Sturm und Drang years of the Reformation, Melanchthon fully accepted Luther’s rejection of most of

In: Biography, Historiography, and Modes of Philosophizing