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ensuring permanent tenure of land granted by a king to laymen was something that was only in the process of coming to fruition in the latter years of Bede’s life. 15 A second factor is the nature of the coinage in Northumbria in the reign of Ecgfrith. Apart from a handful of gold thrymsas associated

In: The Land of the English Kin
Author: Nick Stoodley

while in Francia, a robe was commonly donned that employed a pair of brooches in the area of the neck and another around the waist to clasp it. Likewise, women living under Visigothic control in the Iberian Peninsula in the later 5th and earlier 6th centuries had adopted a standard type of costume: a

In: The Land of the English Kin
Author: Lucy K. Pick

impoverished our understanding of the intellectual and spiritual side of religious life, which has seemed simpler and less nuanced than elsewhere in Europe, motivated solely by a desire to get the non-Christians out, though potentially resisted by political or socio-cultural imperatives that support

In: Beyond the Reconquista: New Directions in the History of Medieval Iberia (711-1085)

History, the distillation and analysis of the past, offers immense value toward a better understanding of the present and wiser policymaking for the future. History can enrich our awareness of the decision making environment, clarify potential costs and opportunities, and deepen our appreciation of

In: Journal of Applied History

Croatia. * * * * * Croatia is a small book market with much competition, where publishers have to fight to earn their daily living. Their situa- tion became even more precarious at the end of 1997, when the country was beginning to recover from the ravages of war which followed its attainment of

In: Logos
Author: Gordon Graham

not by choice. Forced migration is a great motivator. When ties with your homeland are cut and you are a stranger in a strange land, you set out from a new beginning to do the things that you know and rebuild the life you have lost. It is impossible to measure the extent of the influence of the

In: Logos
Author: David M Levy

Genesis, and curiously, it is a d e s c r i p t i o n o f h u m a n b e i n g s , n o t o f w r i t t e n forms. “God formed Adam from the dust of the earth, and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and Adam became a living soul.” The parallel between this mythic event and the creation of actual

In: Logos
Author: Frances Pinter

, I was twenty-three years old, living in London and working on my PhD dissertation. Perhaps being editor of this-and-that in high school (I grew up in the United States) or organizing anti-Vietnam war demonstrations at universities in New York and London was good preparation. Running a company

In: Logos
Author: Ya Zuo

importantly, how could it effectively motivate moral actions? The textual-critical Confucians suggested simplifying the metaphysical structure and advanced a more “anthropologically based” understanding of the heart-mind (p. 9). The second difference occurred mainly among the neo-Confucians themselves

In: China and Asia

157 LOGOS LOGOS 17/3 © LOGOS My Life in Print Michael Zifcak Lothian Books; South Melbourne, Australia; 2006 210 pp hardcover ISBN 0-7344-0879-X A$45 When Michael Zifcak, who was eventually to become one of Australia’s leading bookmen, arrived with his wife Ludmila as an immigrant in Melbourne

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