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Willem Frijhoff

, and Albany, N.Y.: SUNY Press, 2009). 2 Stadsarchief Amsterdam [City Archive of Amsterdam] (abbreviated SAA), Archief Nederlands Hervormde Kerkenraad [Archive of Dutch Reformed Consistory] (PA 376), inv. no. 5, p. 157. 3 A. Eekhof, Jonas Michaëlius, Founder of the Church in New Netherland: His Life and

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Damian Alan Pargas

) experienced and reacted to the news of forcible removal across state lines in early-nineteenth-century America, with a particular emphasis on the theme of family separation as a motivating factor behind the actions and reactions of many bondspeople. It also seeks to formulate a middle ground in the decades

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Michael J. Jarvis

’s occupational lifetime and was thus a common but temporary stage in the life-cycle of many coastal dwellers. Others, who remained sailors for longer periods, passed quickly through the rank of seaman as they secured promotion to mate and captain. We now know that at least in New Eng- land, seafarers probably

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period, the book functioned as a moral exemple of the virtuous life. Peiresc, living in southern France (Provence), maintaining an extensive correspondence with scholars all over Europe, and dedicated to the art of collecting, organizing, and studying, seems to have embodied certain exemplary virtues

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Amanda Pipkin

primarily a pan-Netherlandish identifi cation even after the division of the Northern and Southern Netherlands in 1579 or was there a more specifi c “Dutch” identity produced for those living in the northern provinces? To eff ectively inculcate this new identity in the inhab- itants of the northern provinces

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Daniel Bellingradt

As a result of this blind spot, ongoing attempts to redefine the political space and culture of early modern societies have been more or less uninfluenced by theoretical approaches regarding the early modern urban living space. 2 Furthermore, the “circulatory turn” of urban studies focuses mainly on

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Tracy Adams

quotidian facts of an individual queen’s life to study how she enacted her authority; second, studies that explore pairs of queens, examining relationships between, say, royal mothers and daughters, or sisters; and, third, studies that treat a series of queens thematically. Material facts about a queen

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Daniel Murphree

as Mi’kmaqs. Subsisting on gathering, hunting, and marine life, these people had traded with European fishermen long before Cartier arrived in the early sixteenth century. Culturally adaptive, the Mi’kmaq enjoyed a fluid political system similar in some ways to both tribal and chiefdom structures

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Anne Good

methodology and critical abilities. II. The Education of Peter Kolb Let us begin, therefore, with a close look at Peter Kolb’s life to explain what sort of a man he was, and, at least in part, the personal agenda he had with regard to describing the Cape of Good Hope. In many ways, Kolb was an unlikely

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Ângela Barreto Xavier

specialization. By living in specific places, bearing different names and practicing activities specific to their group, the Jews were easily identifiable others . In Portugal, the stability of this system was challenged by various historical dynamics. From the very beginning, there was a considerable body of