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Janet Coleman

life on earth, and living in this way consists not only in the promise of a future salvation but also in the angelic life here and now, the only utopia possible terrestrially for man. If we compare Odo's ideas with the set of characteristics common to utopian thinking of the nineteenth and twentieth

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Why Hobbes Cannot Limit the Leviathan

A Critical Commentary on Larry May’s Limiting Leviathan

Marcus Arvan

to contract to will depend a great deal on what their sovereign government is willing to give them . Consider, for instance, citizens living under the kinds of dictatorial regimes that have been so common throughout history – cases where the sovereign punishes citizens swiftly and severely for

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Andrew T. Forcehimes

importance, are: preservation of life, 23 conjugal affection, 24 and commodious living. 25 The characteristics of natural persons, combined with the clear advantage of striking first, lead to three reasons why the state of nature is a state of war – a state of affairs in which the disposition to contend

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Francesca Maria Crasta

movements. The existence of the New Church actually depends on the needs of individual readers, who were motivated by their interest in Swedenborg’s writings, to establish links with groups of followers that were already organised. As is well known, Swedenborg did not found his own Church. In Sweden, a

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Karl G. Maeser's German Background, 1828-1856: The Making of Zion's Teacher DOUGLAS F. TOBLER There is a fuller and more immediate effectiveness of a great spirit than that possible through his works. These show only a part of his being. The entirety flows pure and wholly through his living

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Severin V. Kitanov

Relevance of Hobbes’s Concept of Happiness Happiness plays a key role in Th omas Hobbes’s political philosophy because the desire to achieve and secure a “contented lifemotivates individuals to pre- fer civil co-existence to anarchy. Th e novelty of Hobbes’s view is that happiness is dialectical in nature

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J. Wiersma

, Letters & Papers from Prison, new greatly enlarged edition, New York, 1972, p. 359. 62 In general, in my opinion the articulation and conceptualization of vivere civile, living as a citizen, is the issue of the Grotian moment in the aforementioned letter. In particular, this kind of living involves

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Kenneth Minogue

natural, and the norm. This is why Hobbes takes Aristotle to be such a bad influence on political understanding. Aristotle took his bearings from the normal condition of everyday life, and attributed to human beings a naturally political and 76 cooperative disposition. It is this same tendency to

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Terrell Carver

This has been a rich and productive enquiry, asking Hobbes about nature and artifice, and then working back to what our contributors have to say about politics, and in particular, the life-and-death dilemmas that human society has created – ‘mortality, conflict and sociality’ in Gary Browning

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Martin Harvey

shifts" even when such behavior would clearly redound to his benefit. '9 L XV, 207. 73 Succinctly, he argues that a "higher" form of prudence motivates Hobbes's Just Man: the "fear of shameful death ."2° The Just Man cherishes his own nobility of character above all else - even his own life. As such