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Christian Fuchs

capitalistic-Jewish democracies. [The war is thus a war for] . . . the attainment of a better life for the master race through reducing the vanquished states and their satellites to the level of colonial peoples.’ 81 Nazi imperialism is based on the ideology of creating ‘Aryan’ living space, by military

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Maria Sophia Quine

life processes pertaining to procreation could and should be controlled and directed to the benefit of the race. The eugenic vision of a future Utopia amounted, in essence, to a conviction that science and government together would take command of human biology. The starting point of eugenic ideas

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Mircea Platon

in Europe. They had been replaced by a ‘totalitarian view of the national life,’ which was common to fascism, National Socialism, and the Legion. This new ‘concept’ would allow Romania to ‘overcome, by absorbing them, the democratic and socialist experiences and would create the modern state’ – a

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Manuel Mireanu

‘vigorous’ and ‘genuine’ warriors, in order to restore the ‘genetics of the Hungarian fighter.’ 43 In August 2011, during a far-right festival, he gave a lecture on guerrilla warfare, in which he argued that sustained violence against the system has to be motivated by a coherent set of beliefs. 44 He also

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Fascism for the British Audience

The Communist Party of Great Britain’s Analysis of Fascism in Theory and Practice

Lewis Young

held up by the cpgb as an antithesis to the ‘British’ way of life. Although ‘Britishness’ was never specifically defined in this analysis, the cpgb in its Popular Front phase broadly understood it to be about a commitment to the principles of democracy and the ideals of liberty, tolerance, and

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Patrick Bernhard

Germany to Italy was motivated in numerous instances by the desire to do things ‘better’ or ‘differently’ than the Italians. However, there can be no doubt that the Germans often saw Italy’s racial policies as a ‘gold standard’ by which to measure themselves. In this way, we find that Fascist Italy

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Rita Almeida de Carvalho

from washing. Further, he established that the ‘orderly’ and ‘peaceful’ drivers’ home should include a sewing room and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. 26 By this means, Salazar had sought to recreate rural life in the urban context. Indeed, he never liked travelling abroad and even

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Giacomo Lichtner

problems in a siege situation. … to be right there in the trenches with them, to experience their fear of living on a razor’s edge, between life and death.’ 37 Set among the soldiers of the Pavia division in the days preceding the battle, El Alamein is based on the contrast between an idealistic

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Stephen Kotkin

. No one except perhaps certain labor colony inmates with little to lose had a completely free hand to act as they saw fit, but even leaving aside calcu- lated petty transgressions, living socialism according to the perceived rules made for its share of surprises. . In this regard, one of the most

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Paul R. Valliere

stoletnemu iubileiu Akademii), Po tserkovnym-obshchestvennym voprosam, Vol. III (Sergiev Posad, 1915), pp. 286-319. 5. Ternavtsev's introductory doklad at the first of the Meetings is the best statement of the ideas motivating the organizers of the series. See V. A. Temavtsev, "Russkaia tser- kov' pred