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Author: Jennifer Way

book, line drawings depict one or two artisans’ intent on their work, surrounded by materials, tools, and finished artefacts. 13 Huet’s photograph supplements this lineage with a quiet mood and the artisan’s loneliness. Interestingly, these last features contrast the reality of life in the Xom Moi

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we should respect the willingness of soldiers, sailors, airmen and others to do their duty even if the wars they fought in might be unpopular. Much of this is motivated by a collective sense of guilt over the postwar mistreatment of Americans veterans once they had returned home. Their fathers and

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for veteran soldiers. First, the Americans fought motivated and well-equipped German soldiers that slowed the Americans’ pace to a crawl. The defenders, the veteran German 12th Infantry Division refitted and re-equipped after fighting in Russia, were not the demoralized German soldiers fleeing from

In: War and the City
Author: Andrea Guidi

permanent basis meant reassessing the role of the Tuscan lower classes, including peasants living in rural areas. As explained above, one of the goals of his military project was to overcome the traditional separation between the city and the territories. Despite his efforts to create a sense of cohesion

In: Books, People, and Military Thought
Author: John D. Cotts

life in the spaces in which Muslims and Christians lived side-by-side in the medieval world”. 91 The actual medieval precedents work against a vision of stark, religiously motivated conflict between irreconcilably opposed camps. As Throop has pointed out, historians’ “perspectives should also be

In: International Journal of Military History and Historiography

to better understand each life’s path, placing each subject in the specific moment of Spanish history in which they lived. All 11 chapters follow a strict chronological order, covering the individual’s life from birth to death, addressing the main aspects of his background and training and career

In: International Journal of Military History and Historiography

identities and military culture broadly defined as a shared set of ideas and behaviours informing daily military life. 1 As Kaushik Roy demonstrates, the British colonial reinvention of Indian military identities during the 19th century relied partly on the introduction of new visual elements like

In: International Journal of Military History and Historiography

$60 and $100, while white soldiers received a minimum of $400 per month. 96 Additionally, the racist attitudes of the rsf towards the non-white members of the rdr were evident in some of the problems the latter faced. These included sub-standard living facilities. There were separate

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In: International Journal of Military History and Historiography
Author: Andrea Guidi

discipline in the life of the infantry. The way it appears in the Instructions , although less rich, effectively calls attention to the need for a more efficient (because disciplined ) French national (i.e directly controlled by the sovereign) infantry. This conversion is crucial, because (along with

In: Books, People, and Military Thought

maintenance of Rome’s empire, though their reliance on highly descriptive and impersonal analyses has limited their appeal to audiences outside of strictly academic circles. Fagan’s contributions to our understanding of core aspects of Roman social and political life were of a different character

In: People and Institutions in the Roman Empire