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John V. Clune

conditions that mimicked older struggles over military intervention into Ghanaian family life. Across Africa after World War ii , European colonial powers imagined that creating reliable “industrial citizens” required changing prior ideas about work, mobility, property, and family. 54 “Industrial man had a

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of a nation seeking to treat its unnamed war dead no differently than their living counterparts – both comprise one and the same Korean nation. In sum, Haboush’s work is an important addition to existing scholarship on pre-modern Korea and the formation of the nation-state. Concerns that the

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everyday life is of great significance. This also means that the military and the civilian population had to find a way of living together, because the officers were usually billeted in civilian households. Although this fact was the most likely source for potential ill-feelings, all the authors paint a

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Shao-yun Yang

spirits of the many Tang soldiers whom Xue Ju and Xue Renguo had previously massacred. This order probably had both a religious significance and a practical purpose of raising the morale of Gaozu’s living troops by showing that he would avenge them if they died in his service. The former warlord Li Mi

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John Laband

most honourable and profitable form of enforced servitude available to them, and that through this enforced service they secured a life of military honour with opportunities for power and enrichment. 32 During their conquest of Africa the colonial powers regularly employed African slaves as

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Maji Maji War, Ngoni Warlords and Militarism in Southern Tanzania

A Revisionist View of Nationalist History

Eginald P.A.N. Mihanjo and Oswald Masebo

, namely, aquatic or water based civilisation, living in concentrated area – ‘linga’ and forest life or mountain/cave-based life. 51 Reports by travellers in the area show clearly the development of a water-based civilisation between 1870s and 1890s. Johnson and Stewart mention the presence of water

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Enock Ndawana and Mediel Hove

argues that coercion or heavy handed strategies were used by the guerrillas to get support from the peasants who had conflicting agendas motivated by the differences in age, lines of lineage, gender and wealth. 13 As a result, despite lack of popular rural support, the Zimbabwean guerrilla war was

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Jeroen W.P. Wijnendaele

pattern of imperial rule throughout the fifth and sixth centuries. In an era when the emperor spent most of his life at the palace in splendid isolation, ceremonially embodying the state, Majorian had led armies from Italy to Gaul and Spain. 1 For all intents and purposes, Majorian was a soldier

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James Bonk

the bureaucratic system that had been designed to motivate Green Standard troops in battle and prevent the formation of personal attachments between officers and troops was in shambles. Corruption in the military had led to a situation in which awards were being handed out more often as personal

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Kai Filipiak

(in Ningling). 36 He wrote: Nowadays there is a lack of true military conflicts in our empire. People do not know anything about military matters. When they recently held a debate on the training of local soldiers everyone felt annoyed. [People] do not care about life or death in the future. They