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Ryan P. Kellogg

availability of consumer goods to compete with the quality of life offered in the US when the cost of living is taken into account. These factors have effectively neutralized many of the economic reasons Chinese students had for remaining in the US. As a result, returning Chinese students are increasingly

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More Active Outside the Classroom (课堂以外更活跃:中国海外学生在澳洲与华人社区的互动)

Chinese International Students’ Interactions with Chinese Communities in Australia

Jia Gao

.com ), more details of which will be given in the following section, to be a very important part of their daily life in Australia, and beneficial to their experience of living abroad. Being motivated by a strong desire to guard their reputation in the eyes of the wider community and to combat the widespread

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Julia Carnine

having to take the 高考 ( gao kao ), China’s university admission test (Hui 2010 ). Chinese students on their way to study in France might, initially, not be motivated to learn a foreign language, but the harsh reality of day-to-day life abroad quickly dawns on them. These young students must address

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Ying Duan

D U A N Y I N G K U O M I N T A N G S O L D I E R S A N D T H E I R D E S C E N D A N T S 2 3 8 Kuomintang Soldiers and Th eir Descendants in Northern Th ailand: An Ethnographic Study D U A N Y I N G Th is research explores the community and the life of the Yunnanese Chinese comprising KMT

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Michael Montesano

spatial dimension of Chinese history, and the absence from his work on Thailand of a rigorous formal consideration of spatial dimensions of Thai history together motivate the quantitative exercise undertaken below. The promise of the exercise lies both in opening historiographical perspectives on Thailand

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Beyond the Cultural Approach

Understanding the Experience of Chinese International Students in Canada from an Intersectionality Perspective

Jingzhou Liu

of transnational partnerships and collaborations across borders, such as branch campuses, curriculum design, and the teaching-learning process. 12 The existing literature indicates two major discourses on internationalization: a market-driven discourse motivated by cultivating and securing

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Caleb Ford

with a sense of pride and, more specifically, to attract them to ‘return’ to the motherland to help build a new China. 11 Ultimately, this official category came to influence, if not determine, the social status and life chances of those attached to it, and helped to create an identity similar to that

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Lisa Falvey

/24/08 9:21:19 AM 9/24/08 9:21:19 AM J O U R N A L O F C H I N E S E O V E R S E A S V 4 N 2 2 7 7 interpretations of “American citizenry,” and of what it meant to be an American. Jane Jeong Trenka’s (2005) moving narrative provides a disturbingly clear picture of life under the assimilation model in

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Carine Pina-Guerassimoff

strategies of the family or the village to improve the welfare of the community. Because of the ongoing migration, networks have been formed which help the migrants and potential migrants gain information especially regarding social and economic opportunities in France. Emigration has become a way of life

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Haiming Liu

uncomfortable, unlike some of the Italian restaurants. Moreover, chopsuey was an important American food icon and Chinese restaurants were part of the metropolitan New York life that Jewish immigrants wanted to be a part of. In reality, what attracted Jewish immigrants was not Chinese cuisine in its original