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1 Beyond Negligence It is widely thought that the Chinese are no different from people elsewhere in that they view their home as a symbol of safety, security and family life. Nevertheless, in southern China, I was horrified to find many houses in the home villages of Overseas Chinese that were not

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas

, or undetermined. For example, one person wrote: “The Chinese people are greedy”; this was coded as anti-Chinese. Another wrote: “All people living in Indonesia must be united whatever their ethnicity)”: This was coded as neutral, meaning that it promoted neither a pro- nor an anti-Chinese stance. A

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas

.5 million first-generation Chinese immigrants living all over the world. If the Chinese descendants are included, the number would be more than 45 million (Zhuang and Zhang 2012). Although China has a long history of emigration, here we focus on the migration waves in contemporary history. During the World

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas

mixed-race groups to eke out a living in a strange, new land, surmounting formidable linguistic and other cultural challenges. Th omas Gage, a Domini- can monk who chronicled his experiences in New Spain during the 1620s, related that “[i]n Mexico City, above all, the Goldsmiths’ shops and works are to

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas
Author: Tony Saich

of the small groups in Northern China. In his path-breaking work van de Ven (1991) concludes that the CCP would have come to life irrespective of Soviet involvement. The atmosphere did encourage radical intellectuals to look for alternatives such as those provided by a Bolshevik party. However, as

In: Finding Allies and Making Revolution
Author: Ban Wang

life. Readily associated with living natural forms such as trees, vegetation, clouds, and sunshine, the waters are more than a physical setting for human action; they embody a lifeline linking nature to human desires and hopes, and sensuous affinity with other organisms. The mirage between the sky and

In: Remembering May Fourth

Great Learning itself, which provides a rational explanation for the course of history. Only on the basis of such an explanation can one successfully handle practical affairs in individual and collective life. 14 The importance of such classics as The Great Learning is thus considerably reduced

In: Chinese Visions of Progress, 1895 to 1949

, which he claimed can supplement the Western model of modernity. Zhang Taiyan, for another example, used to be a supporter of Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao’s political agenda of achieving a constitutional monarchy, but later in his life became a strong advocate of political revolution and a foremost

In: Remembering May Fourth
Author: Paul Bevan

, the male protagonist’s perambulations round the city, and notably, from a textual perspective, the likening of punctuation marks on the page to living things – in this case ants. In later life Hei Ying pointed to Mu Shiying’s interest in the writings of John Dos Passos (1896–1970), and a nod towards

In: ‘Intoxicating Shanghai’ – An Urban Montage
Author: Paul Bevan

magazine for the manner in which they had presented three of Grosz’s prints, and this critique may well have sparked off a subsequent heightened awareness of the German’s work. Lu Xun’s article will be examined in some detail below but first, an account of Grosz’s life and work, written by Zhang Chongwen

In: A Modern Miscellany