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decisions affecting one’s life with the maximum level of self-determination and interdependence within society. But beyond mere living in the community, the core content also includes a right to be fully included and to participate in the community. 414 It is a clear implication of Art. 19 crpd that

In: The Refugee Status of Persons with Disabilities

. It was like someone was whipping me. They rubbed me until my whole body became red. It wasn’t a massage. It was torture. I don’t know what they did but it hurt so much I couldn’t walk afterwards. Human Rights Watch, ‘Living in Hell: Abuses against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Indonesia

In: The Refugee Status of Persons with Disabilities

superficially addressed the Ghanaian government policy regarding persons with disabilities. In relation to this it held that the risk of being forcibly detained in a prayer camp was not due to a government policy, which was ‘deliberate, premeditated and motivated’, but to a ‘lack of funds and initiative’. 17

In: The Refugee Status of Persons with Disabilities
Author: Pauline Maillet

they are indeed on French territory and not in an intermediary zone, like characters from Orphée’s testament who dwell between life and death. If a woman were to give birth in the transit zone, the child would be registered in France. Likewise, if an offence were committed, French police and

In: Nowhere Countries: Exclusion of Non-Citizens from Rights through Extra-Territoriality at Home

fine – but the individual right to fulfillment is of course subject to all the vagaries of life and history. 6 In particular, respect for the natural environment of humankind that can be threatened by the striving of human beings for material welfare was not yet a matter of concern at that time more

In: Human Dignity and International Law

against a person punishable by not less than three years imprisonment. 99 Terrorism and terrorist organisation offences attract serious punishments, usually maximum sentences of life imprisonment, as do other national security offences including: entering a foreign country with the intention of

In: Terrorism and Asylum

excluded from refugee status and/or asylum due to an affiliation with terrorism. On the substantive side, Article 11 fln enumerates three material conditions for naturalization: The applicant must be successfully integrated, be familiar with the “Swiss way of life” and must not pose a danger to

In: Terrorism and Asylum

(2006:268). Diaspora associations and their elites are central to such mobilisation (McAdam, McCarthy and Zald, 1996; Chaudhary and Guarnizo 2014) because within any community only a small minority are likely to be sufficiently motivated to act, and it requires leaders or ‘animators’ who can seize

In: Terrorism and Asylum
Author: Julia Kienast

due to this reason and because their state of origin was not capable of protecting them. 36 But also those, who are not found to be personally persecuted, still may suffer the consequences of a life under a radical regime or other influences of terrorist organisations reaching from instability

In: Terrorism and Asylum
Author: James C. Simeon

in a war zone or an armed conflict zone, where you might be subject to “cross fire” or be a victim of “collateral damage” or to have to suffer the lack of the bare necessities of life such as water, food, medicine, and, the right to earn a livelihood or a living. No one should be expected to have to

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In: Terrorism and Asylum