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a group with particular fea- tures, such as a long history of living together and, possibly, on a specific terri- tory? Attributing merely instrumental value to communal life does not serve to explain the strong group allegiances that motivate people as members of com- munities of memory. Rather

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Barbara John

occurrences of punishable offences of violent nature directed against foreigners or asylum-seekers (see page 256). There are a number of reasons for this: - A long history of living side-by-side among Berliners of various nation- ality and origin in West Berlin. 2 Bundesamt far Verfassungsschutz. 3 Landesamt

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Sonja Grover

the people. 31 That is, the first clause of s. 7 of the Canadian Charter speaks of a separable positive right to security of the person. The latter then must include the right to a subsistence standard of living: “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person.” The former is in

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McCartney and Matveeva

of the President. The theatre now spends a great deal of time touring Lezgin villages in Azerbaijan to perform its plays. The repertoire includes plays written by Lezgin writers living locally and writing about contemporary life. It also incorporates some translations of classics into the Lezgin

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Richard Latter

resulted in declining living standards, a rise in social frictions and increasing levels of crime. As a consequence, increasing numbers of people are emigrating, particularly to foreign countries committed to accepting them; the movement of `Volga-Germans' to Germany and Jews to Israel are prime examples

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secularism in India. Is this behaviour an indication of erosion of faith in secular politics? In this article I explore the roots of majority- minority divide in India. I argue that the rise of Hindu nationalism is a direct response to the politically motivated pseudo-secular ideas of the Congress party that

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Marko Valenta and Kristin Thorshaug

consequences and to motivate refused asylum seekers to collaborate on their return. On the basis of our survey of trends in the aforementioned countries we will argue that some countries use access to work primarily as a tool in asylum politics (in connection with regulating both arrivals, identifications and

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of Saami. Even though, i.e., reindeer herding is only practiced by ten per cent of the Saami, the way of life associated with reindeer herding, professional fishing, and hunting is considered very important for the Saami identification. Many Saami people SAAMI IN THE EUROPEAN UNION 307 living in

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Stephanie E. Berry

sas v. France , the ECtHR accepted that the blanket ban placed on covering the face in public did not constitute a violation of Article 9 echr as it pursued the legitimate aim of “respect for the minimum requirements of life in society” or “living together”. 81 In particular, the ECtHR

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Noam Schimmel

way of life. Basic provisions of education sometimes, however, have detrimental effects on indigenous people because they can come as a shock to traditional ways of living and organizing communal life. If educational programmes are implemented in such a way that seeks to replace rather than to