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Davies and Mills

them, despite the fact that they were still conscious that they were living “away from home.” Conclusion The research comes at a time of renewed concern over child abuse and neglect in the South Pacific. Our specific concern with children living “away from home” was originally motivated by the issue of

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– statements of laudable aspirations which seem to be motivated by a sense of charity. What is missing, however, is the acknowledgement that all these policies and programmes serve to fulfill legally binding obligations to protect and realize human rights which States have accepted in international treaties (e

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Waltraut Kerber-Ganse

about which experiences motivated her to commit herself to children and about her path into international politics. This article sheds light on the active life of a pioneer of the Convention in the first decades of the 20 th century. It is a story of an amazing personality development: a young lady

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Tendai Mangena and Sambulo Ndlovu

/her to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation. The third and last part of the discussion explores how children’s rights to an adequate standard of living are accorded in Ndebele and Shona traditional wisdom and beliefs. Defining a Child: An African Perspective The un

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Velina Todorova

to resolve conflicts between the mature boy’s right to physical integrity when the intervention is not medically motivated and the boy’s right to take decisions of his own, including a position on his religion or belonging. In Malta Process and Cross-Cultural Aspects in Family Disputes , Louise

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Lars-Göran Sund and Marie Vackermo

access to information, medical care and education. These factors lead to disease, which increases the likelihood of a bleak future. Under such conditions, where is hope and other incentives to strive for a better life? Further, if such basic needs are not met, the problem will overshadow other more

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Natasha Blanchet-Cohen and Ali Fernandez

document sitting on a lawyer’s shelf opened by the rare one with the insight to use it in the court system. Presented in ways that communities relate to, the CRC provides an unpre- cedented opportunity to bring positive change in the life of children, such as for the Anu living in la Isla Maraca. But

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Didier Reynaert, Maria Bouverne-De Bie and Stijn Vandevelde

fundamental rights approach on child-rearing recognised also the child’s subjective needs and aims at creating more equal living conditions so children could live a life in human dignity ( Laroque, 1969 ). The meanings given by children themselves became the starting point for educational interventions

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South Africa. While the relevance of this provision may appear to be obsolete, a similar obligation applies with regard to children living under regimes practising ethnic, reli- gious or other forms of discrimination and to those States subject to military destabilisation. 21 The significance of this

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Eva Brems

perspective of the French Revolution. One of its projects was to liberate French public life from the grip of the Catholic Church. Creating neutral public education was a central part of this project. Yet state neutrality can be interpreted in different – even contradictory – ways. It can be an ‘open