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Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo

the one provided by the ilc in the context of its work on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters. The ilc has defined a disaster as “a calamitous event or series of events resulting in widespread loss of life, great human suffering and distress, mass displacement, or large

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Demelash Shiferaw Reta

Introduction Ethiopia is a developing East African country comprising various ethnic, cultural and religious groups. It is Africa’s second largest populated country with more than 80% of its approximate 100 million people living in rural areas relying on agriculture. The imperative of respect

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Mika Hayashi

may become a source of hazard simply by remaining on the spot; such explosive remnants of war (ERW) could detonate even years after a conflict in which the weapons had been employed, especially when touched or moved. Because the explosive remnants of war create a safety hazard for people living in the

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Eugenia Zorbas

with the attempted annihilation of “not only your self, but also everything that constitutes your world, everything that makes your life worth living – your work, your family, your children – all that was on the point of being wiped out, too.” 2 Reconciliation is a vague concept. In the wake of mass

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Institutional Approach between ihl and ihrl

Current Trends in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Elizabeth Salmon

, 59 would contribute to define the relevant humanitarian norms and to clarify the criteria that motivate its decision. The main characteristics of the current approach of the Court to ihl are twofold. A The lex specialis in concreto The Inter-American Court seems to favor, without explicitly

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Protection for Resettled Island Populations

The Bikini Resettlement and its Implications for Environmental and Climate Change Migration

Gil Marvel P. Tabucanon

lineage membership. This in turn fragmented households and created tension within the community. Many Bikinians described their stay on Kili as akin to living in a prison. 59 Without a protective lagoon, the island is often battered by rough waves, making fishing and canoeing for leisure difficult, and

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Avishalom Westreich

procreate, and a typological example of how this expansion moderates, or even blurs, existential dichotomies, such as life and death. By postmortem sperm retrieval a dead man can become a parent when his sperm is used to impregnate a living woman, creating a post-life continuation for himself. No doubt

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Gloria C. Nwafor and Anthony O. Nwafor

maintain utmost respect for human life from time of conception, even under threat, and not to use his medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity. 13 Healthcare providers operate on a foundation of ethical principles, namely beneficence (doing good), non-maleficence (do no harm), and justice (just

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Sanoj Rajan

war duties as Niskama Karma. 20 Many such texts use the concept of attainment of heavenly abode through deeds of war for both motivating the warriors and regulating their misdeeds during a war. 21 Even though Buddhism advocates a peaceful resolution of violence, 22 the possible legitimacy of a

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Romola Adeola

Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, Mr Miloon Kothari un Doc A/HRC/4/18 annex i (5 February 2007). 49 MM Cernea, ‘Compensation and investment in resettlement: theory, practice, pitfalls, and needed policy reform’ in Michael M Cernea and Hari M