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general connection of this with the use of technology of the improvement of quality of life as a result of a better way of implementing technical solutions to social issues (as the traffic in a city, mobility or the recycling, or the new flow of cars and parking slots in cities). At the end should be

In: Legal Challenges in the New Digital Age
Author: Naci Akdemir

victimization experiences have a more substantial influence on online coping. This suggests that a negative experience may motivate individuals to implement problem-oriented coping strategies regardless of fear of crime. Concern, anxiety and anger are the feelings individuals experience in the aftermath of a

In: Legal Challenges in the New Digital Age
Author: Elena Cima

resources, to exercise authority over foreign investments and regulate activities of transnational corporations within its territory); 73 second, terms that are inequitable and onerous to the state (i.e. by restricting the periodic review of life-time contracts, securing preferential treatment to a

In: Public Participation and Foreign Investment Law
Author: Réka A Papp

with caution. They need to avoid undermining the legitimacy of the decision-making process and in particular accusations of politically motivated or poorly reasoned decisions. In order to achieve this goal, a coherent legal framework for the arbitral tribunals’ analysis has to be elaborated. Such

In: Investments in Conflict Zones
Authors: Crina Baltag and Ylli Dautaj

opportunities and the improvement of living standards; … REFERING to the international obligations and commitments concerning respect for human rights; RECOGNISING that investment, as an engine of economic growth, can play a key role in ensuring that economic growth is sustainable; COMMITTED to achieving

In: Brill Research Perspectives in International Investment Law and Arbitration

fundamental interests to work, earn a living and develop himself as a professional. So if the Court really saw its task as protecting the fundamental interests of the applicant, then there could be no doubt that it would give at least as great a protection to his commercial speech than the political speech

In: Revisiting Proportionality in International and European Law
Author: Alexandra Hofer

, adverse consequences on the enjoyment of the human rights of innocent people. There is a very wide range of human rights that might be involved, including political, economic, social and cultural rights.” 30 His reports have focused on autonomous sanctions’ impact on “rights to life, health and medical

In: Revisiting Proportionality in International and European Law