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Author: Mo Zhang

need means an imminent want for something to live through a difficulty, which includes both economic need (e.g., money) and want for living (e.g., service). A desperate situation concerns not only economic constraints but also hardships in life, health, or reputation. It is therefore clear that

In: Chinese Contract Law - Theory & Practice, Second Edition
Author: Sida Liu

, political stability, internet control, and everyday life, respectively. This is neither a comprehensive nor a doctrinally sound classification of Chinese law. Instead, my approach follows a long-standing sociolegal tradition that seeks to understand the legal system from the perspectives of the people who

In: China Law and Society Review
Author: Qian Liu

that people there live in villages, where they rely on one another for survival and thus comply with a set of rules that govern daily village life. This is what Fei Xiaotong (1992)refers to as “soil-based rural society” [ xiangtu Zhongguo 乡土中国]. Zhu’s argument is that, under these circumstances

In: China Law and Society Review
Author: Ke Li

surprise. The Women’s Federation, according to its website, is a “mass organization” that “unites Chinese women of all ethnic groups, from all walks of life, and strives for their liberation and development.” In reality, it is a government-funded entity, staffed by members of the Chinese Communist Party

In: China Law and Society Review
Author: Amber Darr

killings in fact masks underlying motivators as diverse as contest over leadership, resources and distribution and assertion of power in society. The book has been commended as a sensitive, scholarly, lucid, and coherently argued treatise which offers a new perspective for understanding and dealing with

In: The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

country was not party to many international human rights instruments. 2016 marked ten years as a democratic constitutional monarchy, a political transformation focused on people’s participation to political life. Notwithstanding the fact that Bhutan had made efforts to realize a more efficient judicial

In: The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law