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Author: Siri Lamoureaux

, motivated by the need for recognition and the imperative to read the Bible. It has been extraordinarily successful, if not for generating a great tradition of literacy, at the very least in its ideological and symbolic role, and the kinds of gendered subjects it produces. The idea that language is thought

In: Faits de Langues

made a burnt offering and swore by ʾlh, who is living, that he shall lead bravely’ Variant: lh . [llāh] [allāh] KRS 1551: h lh rwḥ w mḥltn l-ḏ yʿwr h-sfr ‘O Lh, send the winds but may he who would efface this writing experience a dearth of pasture’ Note: GrAr: Αβδαλλας (PAES  III .a 46); Nab

In: A Dictionary of the Safaitic Inscriptions
Author: Amaleena Damlé

dramatic setting of the hamman, a private women’s space that here becomes publicly visible, as well as the real-life attack on the playwright during the play’s first season (it was performed in Belleville in 2016), to think through debates around women, Islam, difference, and equality. W. also

In: The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies

proximate. […] [W]e can say briefly that the purpose of the whole as well as the part is to remove those living in this life from the state of misery and to lead them to the state of happiness .’ The parts—the verses, the tercets, the cantos, the canticles—serve the whole; just as Dante’s tercets in terza

In: The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies

role in the uncovering of heresy every bit as important if less well known than that of the Jesuits. Meanwhile, Frances Luttikhuizen, ‘Constantino de la Fuente (1502–1560): de predicador aclamado a hereje olvidado’, HS , 70.cxli:29–38, surveys our present state of knowledge of C ., his life, circle

In: The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies