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Author: Yan Huang

context, it can also be deblocked, as in the pun in (52a) (Jespersen 1942 : 231), and the quotation from the Oxford English Dictionary in (52b). (Plag 2003 : 64). (52) a. Is life worth living? It depends on the liver. b. Th e country for easy livers, Th e quietest under the sun. 16 Th is shows that there

In: International Review of Pragmatics

networks. Das (2010) examined the impact of social distance on the behaviour of Bengalis—who are living in the United States—in terms of compliments, greetings, and thanking in Orkut as a social networking site. Drawing on Wolfson’s (1988) Bulge Theory, which predicts that relationships that are

In: International Review of Pragmatics
Author: Istvan Kecskes

interlocutors. The following exchange between a native speaker of American English and a Thai “au pair” girl records a situation when language proficiency does not work as a barrier at all. Both speakers are highly motivated and interested in the topic of conversation. They focus on the content rather than the

In: International Review of Pragmatics
Author: William Labov

January 25th: —we’d better have a title ready … I was trying with something like “Linguistic Change: Stimuli and Constraints from Structure and Society.” But it might be advisable to get “empirical” into the title, because our interest in living evidence is perhaps as distinctive as anything else in our

In: New Directions for Historical Linguistics

regularly hired Arab field labourers at a low wage. 10 These practices exposed them to the criticism of later arriving Jews, especially those motivated by socialist Zionism and the idea of Jewish-Arab market separation, people who asserted that all economies built on the backs of native labour would be

In: Arabic and its Alternatives

to be very careful to briefly recapitulate some background material as it becomes needed throughout the lecture. I want to start by motivating a little bit the problem of cognitive aging. This is a figure from the United Nations. They give these data nation by nation, and this is just showing

In: Ten Lectures on the Representation of Events in Language, Perception, Memory, and Action Control

motivated by two interwoven factors. Firstly, Britain’s role in Iraq (mentioned before) is partially to blame for this – in fact the only other place that the AJA was as active was Palestine, a point the AJA even refers to in a 1943 summary of its histories and objectives. 66 Secondly and perhaps more

In: Arabic and its Alternatives

1 Introduction English is widely accepted as the primary international language, and it is becoming increasingly viewed as a basic skill required in most walks of professional life. For many governments and large institutions the question is not whether English should be promoted, but how and what

In: International Review of Pragmatics
Author: Piotr Cap

packets of data that keep e-mail, the Web and other, more basic necessities of modern life humming. At first the attack seems to be an inconvenience—e-mail traffic grinds to a halt, Web browsing is impossible. But then the problems spread to services only tangentially related to the Internet: your

In: International Review of Pragmatics