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Author: Faye Stewart

aspirations that motivate characters ultimately cause them harm or become their undoing. The problematic object for Kleist’s Samia is her dream of living out her passion for running in a better life for herself as well as for her loved ones. Beyond her hopes of again competing in the Olympic Games, Samia

In: Protest und Verweigerung / Protest and Refusal
Author: Simone Pfleger

modern life and to construct her subjectivity in a way that challenges the dominant order. I will demonstrate how a shift to time can reveal the possibility of instances that allow subjects to be situated within dominant spaces while concomitantly withdrawing and abandoning the system, even if only for a

In: Protest und Verweigerung / Protest and Refusal

readily acknowledges, has prepared him for a life of extensive travel, it has also shaped the reception of his work when, for instance, in a review of Der Weltensammler a critic describes him as a “collector of worlds in his own right” and suggests that this particular novel would not exist without

In: Protest und Verweigerung / Protest and Refusal
Author: André Otto

as fundamentally discontinuous and scattered. Against the (neo-)romantic tradition of the English pastoral and a “poetry of place” 5 in the vein of Donald Davie’s The Shires , Fisher, via the late-modernist and American influences, represents “a local universalism”. 6 He combines a life

In: Poetica
Author: Martin Kern

languages, it remains impossible to express.” 30 And indeed, toward the end of his long life, in his late poetry including the “Chinesisch-Deutsche Jahres- und Tageszeiten,” Goethe achieved a state of linguistic transcendence that not merely resisted translation but even drove learned native speakers

In: Poetica
Author: Yan Huang

context, it can also be deblocked, as in the pun in (52a) (Jespersen 1942 : 231), and the quotation from the Oxford English Dictionary in (52b). (Plag 2003 : 64). (52) a. Is life worth living? It depends on the liver. b. Th e country for easy livers, Th e quietest under the sun. 16 Th is shows that there

In: International Review of Pragmatics

networks. Das (2010) examined the impact of social distance on the behaviour of Bengalis—who are living in the United States—in terms of compliments, greetings, and thanking in Orkut as a social networking site. Drawing on Wolfson’s (1988) Bulge Theory, which predicts that relationships that are

In: International Review of Pragmatics
Author: Istvan Kecskes

interlocutors. The following exchange between a native speaker of American English and a Thai “au pair” girl records a situation when language proficiency does not work as a barrier at all. Both speakers are highly motivated and interested in the topic of conversation. They focus on the content rather than the

In: International Review of Pragmatics
Author: William Labov

January 25th: —we’d better have a title ready … I was trying with something like “Linguistic Change: Stimuli and Constraints from Structure and Society.” But it might be advisable to get “empirical” into the title, because our interest in living evidence is perhaps as distinctive as anything else in our

In: New Directions for Historical Linguistics

Church, its social welfare work and the diversity of religious life. Cultural hermeneutics depends on external factors and stimuli from the world of living culture, yet in theologies we find massive resistance to heeding this fact. Academic theology serves the Church only by being a function of

In: Doing Humanities in Nineteenth-Century Germany