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Author: Laura A. Janda

motivates a series of core concepts for cognitive linguistics, presented in brief in this article. These concepts (and many more) are elaborated in greater detail in handbooks of cognitive linguistics ( Geeraerts and Cuyckens 2007, Dąbrowska and Divjak 2015 ) and textbooks ( Langacker 1987 and 1991a

In: Cognitive Semantics
Author: Kurt Stocker

to encompass not just ideational content but any experiential content, including affect and perception. Talmy , 2000a, p. 4 Thus, cognitive-semantic research is understood to include studying thought per se . This naturally brings a general psychological component to this line of research

In: Cognitive Semantics

Chadic, Frajzyngier 2012), like Pero and Mina, has not grammaticalized the noun corresponding to ‘head’ as a marker coding the point-of-view of the affected subject. As demonstrated in the present section, this fact supports the hypothesis that the grammaticalization of some functions can be motivated by

In: Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies
Author: EunHee Lee

be discussed in more detail in Chapter 10. (4) a. That was one of the bonds between Sally and himself . (Woolf, Mrs. Dolloway ) b. Wild and frail and beautiful she looked, and thus the women of the Greeks were, Jacob thought; and this was life; and himself a man and Florinda chaste (Woolf, Jacob

In: The Logic of Narratives

Lahore was the first Qurʾān translation by a Muslim to have a major impact and achieve a wide distribution among Muslims, and it certainly helped to motivate, inspire, and inform all subsequent translations, earning praise in particular from Pickthall and Daryābādī. This did not prevent Muhammad Ali

In: The Inimitable Qurʾān
Author: Sonja Noll

commotion, in a few cases of noise, and occasionally of life itself. This last sense overlaps with ‮דמה‬‎ II , which refers to destruction and death. As stated, the derived forms often do not semantically match the root they appear to derive from, nor is it always clear what they mean. Some refer to rest

In: The Semantics of Silence in Biblical Hebrew