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were times when he was earning twelve pounds a week. “If I went home, I would be rich, but I can’t afford to go home now. My children study here. They’ll work here. I had a difficult life but my children will have it much better”. The interview exposes the pioneering spirit of predominantly male

In: Both Muslim and European

on. To see others and be seen are the ways of maintaining the old identities and former statuses in the context of a new life in which the old social identities and roles often become redundant. For instance, when they meet, Brčaci Brčaci living in various suburbs of Melbourne become

In: Both Muslim and European
Author: Puspa Damai

hospitality insofar as the postcolony calls for a relationship not of resistance or collaboration but of conviviality “fraught by the fact of the commandment and its subjects having to share the same living space” (Mbembe 2001 , 104). And yet, none of the major postcolonial thinkers engages directly with

In: The Poetics and Politics of Hospitality in U.S. Literature and Culture
Author: Ivana Jurišić

society. I did come to Berlin to complete my PhD, but I also supposed I would spend several years of my life living abroad. I was extremely motivated to achieve my goals and to organise my new life in a new country. Being a foreigner at first is not easy, even if one is motivated to make progress in a

In: Both Muslim and European
Author: Kwasi Wiredu

decolonization decolonization ’ for the kind of decolonization needed. 1 This is because philosophy has much to do with concepts. Consider, for example, the concept of religion religion . Understanding this concept and its role in the thought of a given culture may reveal a great deal about their practical life

In: Philosophical Foundations of the African Humanities through Postcolonial Perspectives
Author: William Labov

January 25th: —we’d better have a title ready … I was trying with something like “Linguistic Change: Stimuli and Constraints from Structure and Society.” But it might be advisable to get “empirical” into the title, because our interest in living evidence is perhaps as distinctive as anything else in our

In: New Directions for Historical Linguistics

history of the nations and life in the Balkans is primarily related to knowledge of a geographical nature of this part of Europe. According to the majority of contemporary researchers, it is mainly identified as having once belonged to the Ottoman Empire. 5 The Balkans is an important

In: Both Muslim and European
Author: José L. Magro

linguistic resistance, and using a mixed-methodology, this study seeks to shed light on identity performance among urban music ( UM ) affiliated individuals from Hispanic immigrant backgrounds living in the Washington, DC ( DC ) metropolitan area (from now on Da  DMV , an emic term described further in

In: Spanish across Domains in the United States