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Chadic, Frajzyngier 2012), like Pero and Mina, has not grammaticalized the noun corresponding to ‘head’ as a marker coding the point-of-view of the affected subject. As demonstrated in the present section, this fact supports the hypothesis that the grammaticalization of some functions can be motivated by

In: Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies
Author: Guo Jue

match their burials to the claimed status. Then the question becomes what motivated the inclusion of a funerary relocation document for the dead in their tomb that had claimed a status above their station in life? A direct and obvious answer was to express a desire, or further, actually to act upon a

In: Bamboo and Silk
Author: Lars Johanson

Turcs en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique … Jaillot, Alexis-Hubert, 1632–1712. Uppsala University Library In 1709 Gustaf Celsing was sent to Istanbul as a commission secretary to study the Ottoman language. He put his life on the line in a spectacular fashion after the 1711

In: Turcologica Upsaliensia

book will scrutinise competing currents that it consists of. The term “discourse”, as it is used throughout this book, refers to pools of spoken and written statements that centre around a particular issue and have a specific span of life, and thus a continuity in which actors react to statements of

In: Languages of Islam and Christianity in Post-Soviet Russia

impressed me with their intellect. I thought they would call [to carry out terrorist attacks by] explosions. But they only convinced me that my [way of living at that time] leads to a dead-end. (Ali 2014) In the scholarly literature, the mode of conversion when an individual is motivated to embrace

In: Languages of Islam and Christianity in Post-Soviet Russia

present chapter, too, code switching is analysed by motivating factors. These include switching for the purpose of dating texts, quoting direct speech and giving a proverb in another language. 1.1 Sources Many of the examples analysed in this chapter come from the dagregisters , the factory

In: The Dutch Language in Japan (1600-1900)
Author: Michał Németh

of the earth, and to every bird of the skies, (13) and to everything that moves on the earth, wherein there is a living being, (14) |I have given| all the green of plants for food.’ And it was so. (15) [31] And God saw everything that he had created, and

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In: The Western Karaim Torah