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Chadic, Frajzyngier 2012), like Pero and Mina, has not grammaticalized the noun corresponding to ‘head’ as a marker coding the point-of-view of the affected subject. As demonstrated in the present section, this fact supports the hypothesis that the grammaticalization of some functions can be motivated by

In: Embodiment in Cross-Linguistic Studies

related to ‘perceived characteristics’ of the Murui-Muina people, that motivated such a pejorative denotation. For instance, for the Carijona, one of the most representative features of the Murui is their ‘cunning’ (David Guerrero, p.c.). In the course of time, the term Murui-Muina was adopted by rubber

In: A Grammar of Murui (Bue)
Author: José L. Magro

linguistic resistance, and using a mixed-methodology, this study seeks to shed light on identity performance among urban music ( UM ) affiliated individuals from Hispanic immigrant backgrounds living in the Washington, DC ( DC ) metropolitan area (from now on Da  DMV , an emic term described further in

In: Spanish across Domains in the United States