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lives of neighborhood residents of Istanbul through crime using court records; Marinos Sariyanni used the same source to plumb Istanbul’s criminal underworld; Cengiz Kirli employed police spy reports to uncover the life of the coffeehouses; and in a previous article I analyzed crimes reported in a

In: Ottoman War and Peace
Author: Zoltán Györe

population already seen in the previous war were repeated. It initiated a struggle in which an individual’s life meant nothing. A commander of the army in Transylvania, Count Jean Louis de Rabutin, issued an order according to which women and children from the settlements which did not pay the assessed tax

In: The Treaties of Carlowitz (1699)

did they perform for their employers? In this short article I will attempt to highlight the importance of a group of Ottoman participants in the Levant trade, as it was known in the West, that has received little attention so far. The aim is to shed light on every-day life interactions between

In: Ottoman War and Peace

timar s empowered a strong dynamic motivating campaign participation, for absence without leave meant risking the appearance of a candidate who would make sure that such an absence was recorded and assiduously seek to have the timar transferred to him. The discussion later in this section of the

In: Ottoman War and Peace

Sarekat Islam is harmful for life as well as for the country, and a [source of] difficulty for the employment of servants, that it will lead to a violent increase in the prices of basic necessities, and [that it will cause] much other imaginary damage. Consequently, someone who returns home from the

In: Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations (2 vols.)

personal religious duty and a requirement of our obedience, day and night until the Day of Resurrection for the prolongation of the venerated life of His Sultanic Majesty, [should] be known by Your Grand Vizierial Highness, whose wisdom encompasses the universe of knowledge and opinions. On every matter as

In: Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations (2 vols.)