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Author: Maribel Fierro

scholar, called ʿAbd Allāh b. al-Ḥasan (d. 335/946–947), was born in the year 250  H . He was the client of an Arab living on the upper frontier of al-Andalus and was known as Ibn al-Sindī because his grandfather’s head resembled a watermelon. In the fights that pitted the Arabized and Islamized local

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In: Islam at 250

regularly hired Arab field labourers at a low wage. 10 These practices exposed them to the criticism of later arriving Jews, especially those motivated by socialist Zionism and the idea of Jewish-Arab market separation, people who asserted that all economies built on the backs of native labour would be

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In: Arabic and its Alternatives

Lahore was the first Qurʾān translation by a Muslim to have a major impact and achieve a wide distribution among Muslims, and it certainly helped to motivate, inspire, and inform all subsequent translations, earning praise in particular from Pickthall and Daryābādī. This did not prevent Muhammad Ali

In: The Inimitable Qurʾān
Author: Moshe Sharon

), where he was injured in no less than 20 places, so the story goes, and for the rest of his life he limped, dragging one leg. Still he took part in almost all the campaigns initiated afterwards by the Prophet. The latter sent him on a military mission to subjugate the tribe of Kalb in Dawmat al

In: Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum Palaestinae, Volume Seven: J (2) Jerusalem 1

motivated by two interwoven factors. Firstly, Britain’s role in Iraq (mentioned before) is partially to blame for this – in fact the only other place that the AJA was as active was Palestine, a point the AJA even refers to in a 1943 summary of its histories and objectives. 66 Secondly and perhaps more

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In: Arabic and its Alternatives