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Author: Fabio Vicini

neoliberal restructuring in the country since the 1980s. In particular, the chapter investigates the way Muslims working as volunteers in this faith-based organization in contemporary Turkey think of their activism as a significant, often even essential, part of fully living a Muslim life in today’s society

In: Muslim Subjectivities in Global Modernity
Author: Mosa Sayed

to the person who has been offended by the infringement. 1.2 The Everyday Reality for Many European Muslims Many Muslims in Europe face discrimination in several areas of life because of their religion, their ethnic origin, their gender, or a combination of these grounds ( Amnesty International, 2012

In: State, Religion and Muslims
Author: Mario Peucker

data on the size of the Muslim population in Germany ( Spielhaus, 2013 ). As a consequence of this poor official data situation, the key source for estimating Muslims’ demographics has been the large-scale study Muslim Life in Germany by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees bamf

In: State, Religion and Muslims

the Faroe Islands and two from Greenland. All Danish citizens of age 18, who are living in Denmark and not under guardianship, can vote in the general election, which is held by a direct secret ballot. Once the votes of the election are in, the monarch invites all party leaders for a conference to

In: State, Religion and Muslims

wants to satisfy an internal need and give a meaning to life and to the world — express in part this harmony between the religious message and the interests of those who are its recipients. As Max Weber noted "The lot of peasants is so strongly tied to nature, so dependent on organic processes and

In: Essay on Islamization

the support being brought in currency or in kind (including living subventions). A one-time donation for instance would be compatible with the wording. Should continued income be derived from such, e.g. to cover staff costs, the creation of a domestic foundation, either following the law on private

In: State, Religion and Muslims

beliefs in child raising and in educational provisions are equally included ( Cliteur & Ellian, 2009 , pp. 41–44). The state is impartial in relation to religion. More generally speaking, the state should refrain from judgement about different ideals of a good life. This neutrality means that the state

In: State, Religion and Muslims

religion and non-discrimination in everyday life situations (3). 2 Part 1 Background 2.1 Demographics of Muslim Population It is estimated that about 370’000 people living in Switzerland, or roughly 5% of the permanent resident population, are of Muslim faith ( Federal Statistical Office, 2014 ). The

In: State, Religion and Muslims

Lahore was the first Qurʾān translation by a Muslim to have a major impact and achieve a wide distribution among Muslims, and it certainly helped to motivate, inspire, and inform all subsequent translations, earning praise in particular from Pickthall and Daryābādī. This did not prevent Muhammad Ali

In: The Inimitable Qurʾān

religiously motivated (political) violence, the overwhelming majority of revivalists are peaceful and law abiding citizens who shun violence. Islamic radicalism, though it had appeared in Eastern Europe at the end of the 1980s, exploded in full blossom in the early 1990s, in a direct connection with two major

In: Islam in Post-Communist Eastern Europe