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could eventually become permanent members. This can be considered as a constructive evolution formula.] (Peru) a.69 [… does not favor the creation of new categories or sub-categories of member States. New categories would intensify current differences and would motivate division among members of the

In: Key Documents on the Reform of the UN Security Council 1991-2019
Author: Juha Mäkinen

challenge, as well as opportunity, to develop the action competence of our citizens in order to cope with the various kinds of modern-day pressures which pose a threat to the ability to lead a good life. Additionally, when focusing on the military point of view, all kinds of military activities require

In: Jus Post Bellum

only moral principles but strategical goals as well. 8 This means that the directive interferes with what is widely seen as the heart of military life and activity; a highly regulated and preferably minimal use of force, disciplined enough not to endanger own troops. Restraint as a formative principle

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Dragan Stanar

and mass conflicts we often find ourselves wondering how exactly are people motivated to kill and injure other people they had never seen or met before, and with whom they have absolutely no personal quarrel. Also, we continue to ask ourselves why is it so much easier to fight members of a certain

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Boris Kashnikov

it has become something of itself, with a life of its own, a special category of action, a Platonic ‘form’. Why? This question deserves special investigation in its own right. In my opinion, the re-emergence of the ‘just war’ has nothing to do with philosophical reason or academic rationality. The

In: Jus Post Bellum
Editor: Patrick Mileham

nations’ domestic law. Compensation is a particularly important principle with liability to make good if the law is infringed. But goods restored or refused, this can mean life or death during and after conflict to very many people, maybe millions. The physical vulnerability of civil populations can be

In: Jus Post Bellum
Author: Joris D. Kila

Muhammad El Micky 7. Cheick Abdoul Kassim Attouaty 8. Ahamed Fulane 9. Bahaber Babadié, and the 10. Sidi Yahia mosque. It must be emphasized that the mausoleums of saints and mosques of Timbuktu are an integral part of the religious life of its inhabitants. The shrines and places of worship constitute a

In: Jus Post Bellum