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, conventions and institutions which continue to safeguard the precious biodiversity he fought for and dedicated his life to protecting. The iucn and the entire environmental community owe Dr. Burhenne a great debt. We give thanks for a remarkable life of dedication and commitment that will go on protecting

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Benjamin J. Richardson

aesthetics; with the ‘aestheticization of daily life’ in the postmodernizing world, 2 aesthetics is increasingly associated with a wide range of expressive activities beyond formal artistic endeavours, such as in business communications. 3 Environmental law scholarship has given little attention to

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Benoit Mayer

trade (e.g. buying industrial commodities), 29 but also more diffusedly through development (e.g. by living in a rich economy built through decades or centuries of unsustainable development). State responsibility is certainly difficult to assert, but significantly less so than individual responsibility

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Yixin Xu

operational costs to meet highest-standard requirements for (sustainable) management. 124 Higher operational costs and a high certification fee may de-motivate Chinese project developers from seeking forest certification. 125 4 Sustainability in Practice What is the actual

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Boeve and L. van Middelkoop

-term integrated policies (urban management). The integrated approach is advocated as the instrument to balance the three dimensions. A key determinant for the qual- ity of urban life is for the local authorities to meet ‘the challenge of integrated urban development’. This challenge is ‘to promote competitiveness

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Ludwig Krämer

-out of nuclear energy was not considered to be an option to examine. A discussion of the question of the environmental disadvantages during the “normal operation” of a nuclear power plant – radiation of the population living around the plant, cooling water discharges, waste generation, transport and

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Mark Halle

more attractive than any of the likely negotiat- ed outcomes. The other two, while motivated by the desire to demonstrate that the WTO is able to com- bine trade liberalisation with improved environ- mental management, have proved more difficult than expected. A positive outcome remains possi- ble, but

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Katak Malla

nutrient elimination, storage of carbon and contaminants and living space for benthic species, i.e. protection of biodiversity. The present aim is to explore the legal aspects of nutrient trading schemes. Such a scheme is considered necessary because, despite numerous legal instruments in force for

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Lucas Bergkamp

wide open for politically motivated civil law suits to achieve some ‘social justice’ objective, we may expect to see more of these cases. The combination of the open standard of danger creation through omission, specific performance as a remedy, and subordination of the separation of powers doctrine is

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Piotr Szwedo

. 10 Genesis states that: ‘a wind from God swept over the face of the waters,’ (1:1–2 nrsva ); man become aliving being’ only when life came to earth, ‘for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth’ (2:5–7 nrsva ). 11 Examples: Psalms 81:8; Psalms 104:3; Matthew 3:11; John 4