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Svetlana Y. Ter-Grigoryan

abortion in 1936. The Stalinist reward system for “heroine mothers,” or women who gave birth to ten or more living children, left no room for doubt about the social value of women’s sexuality. 18 Historian Deborah A. Field argues that control of Soviets’ sexual behaviors was intended as part of

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Judith E. Kalb

. This concept of art as a unifying, life-creating force can be compared to God's creation of the world: out of the original chaos of the artist's multitude of individual experiences, art creates a combined whole.14 As noted, the motivating force for the artist is love. Satho Tchimichkian

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Alfred Evans

offered in its place the pledge to deliver immediate improvements in the living conditions of the popula- tion of the USSR. Brezhnev's concept of developed socialism was a vision of a Leninist political system enjoying the broad and stable social base made possible by a mature industrial economy. There

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Donald R. Kelley

community, some of it dating back to the Khrushchev era. There could be no question that the promise of economic re- foxms, if they meant a higher standard of living, and greater honesty from the government would animate public support. The problem was not starting such a movement but rather managing and

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Peter Whitewood

’s inner circle. However until the publication of Sheila Fitzpatrick’s On Stalin’s Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics , there has never been a comprehensive study of Stalin and his team in action. Historians have previously engaged with collective leadership in the Stalin era (often

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John Quigley

, that code represented an ideological retreat from the 1918 Code. Whereas the 1918 Code had been motivated by a desire to lead society forward to new social relationships in line with socialist thought on marriage and family, the 1926 Code attempted to solve immediate problems, in particular to ensure

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Jane L. Curry

real. Amd, finally, they ;xrere e'lents that led from the same priorities that had motivated the Brezhnev leadership. The same priorities that had motivated the Brezhnev leadership. The difference was that there was a new world system, where the Soviet Union was not able to win with bellicosity but had

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Francisco Infante

of the ulterior is concentrated in the artifact. Mira- cles become manifest when the artifact is present. Appearance/disappearance, as a condition for the implementation of form, is conditioned by the presence of the artifact and is determined by the nature of the miracle. Indeed, what motivates

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Dietrich Andre Loeber

countryside, moreover, are attracted by the greater opportunities for cul- tural and social life in the city. For the employer-organization, recruiting pre- sents itself as a convenient method for an extensive development of their pro- duction forces, by reducing the need of mobilizing internal reserves in

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Rex A. Wade and Vitaly Timofeev

Kharkiv regional administration.) . One of the most important,. yet most puz?.??tg, features of the post-Soviet era is the political life and configuration of the larger cities. As the cities of Russia, Ukraine and the other republics struggle with the new phenomenon of multi-party politics in a