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Louise Koepfler and HY Day

prime con- cern of a person living on a kibbutz, the socialist philosophy, vis-a-vis individual possessions, fashions the meaning of work and its motivators. Com- petition among members may exist, but not for economic reward. Individuals * Thanks are due to professors U. Levithan and M. Rosner at the

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Andrée Michel

wife's employment. The data has been collected in recent years from a probabilistic sample provided by the French National Institute of Statistics: 450 French families living in the Paris area and 100 French families living in Bordeaux were interviewed; the sample was stratified by occupational milieu

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Andreas Hadjar and Susanne Backes

cultural issues (e.g. religion, assimilation), but often neglects SWB (as noted by De Jong, Chamratrithirong, and Tran 2002 or Nowok et al. 2011 ), even though SWB is a main indicator of integration and many migrants move in order to improve their quality of life (Nowok et al. 2011 ). Following

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Leon D. Epstein

other modern societies. Thus, they do not stress, as many less sophisticated observers have done, the unusual- and admittedly fascinating-aspects of Australian life. There is even a little debunking of legends; for example, Glenn Withers, in his study of living and working in Australia, shows that the

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. After identifying the qualities common to all societies and their cultures, the author offers a theory of social evolution which embraces all peoples. "Man's Way" refers both the way man has come through time, the road he is still on, and his way of life and of living in the many environments of the

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Susan De Vos and Kerry Richter

In this study, aside from inquiring into headship propensities, we speculate that life-course and development-related factors are important reasons for heading a household instead of living in a subfamily. This includes age, marital status, number of children, ages of oldest and youngest child, urban

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Herbert Kötter

prosperous economy, and a desire to participate in a more urban way of life have motivated many farm people to leave agriculture. Thus this emi- gration movement is also induced by certain values common to society as a whole, and the wish of agricultural people to attain a living standard corre- sponding to

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K. Bissmann

, 9% had been in the army and 7% had been native craftsmen of one type or another. There seemed to be two reasons motivating the East African to move from his peasant home or shamba to industrial employment. First there was a con- siderable degree of environmental pressure forcing him out of his

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Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill

talk to people living in their community, so did not gain the respect they felt should come with being older. This stress has led to emotional distress and to a change in how some participants see older age; as a negative life stage. Conclusion This research exemplifies the link between self

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Samir Khalaf

-oriented, and consequently more motivated by the desire to pursue his own individualistic interests. Under such circumstances it would be difficult to envisage a society with complete identity of interests and a common set of values which will sustain commitment and integration. As Sorensen maintains: "To