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Tong Chee Kiong and Anne L. Schiller

-11). The second of the aforementioned themes, continuity and the constant recycle of life, is embedded in virtually every contribution to this volume. The Chinese, for example, conceive of a homologous relationship between the worlds of the living and the dead, and events in one world have repercussions in

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Yunxiang Yan

number of young villagers have simply ignored the age-old custom of post-marital co-residence to establish their own nuclear families immediately after marriage. 3 Moreover, the stigma of living apart from one’s married son(s) has practically disappeared since a majority of the rural elderly who are

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Chan Kwok Bun

as a category of persons out there selling life insurance policies to ‘eat up people’s money’, sometimes unscrupulously. Although victimized by stereotyping, an agent is deprived of an opportunity to defend his or her self as a person; as an individual making a living like everybody else: As you know

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Rodney Sebastian

conven- tional gender orders of Th ailand where male identity is fulfi lled through ordination and the life of a monk and female identity is fulfi lled through marriage and motherhood. However, Falk does not discuss the social view of women who had become mae chii s after fulfi lling the conventional duties

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Tong Chee Kiong

said, "If we give more to the deceased by burning lots of money to him, then he will know that we are filial descendants who ensured that he has a luxurious life in the Otherworld. If he is living well, how can he bear to see his descendants, who are responsible for his comfort, living poorly." This is

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Elizabeth Frankenberg, Muda Saputra and Victoria Beard

coresidence occurs in 1993. That is, for prime-age adults, the number of living siblings is strongly negatively associated with the presence of a parent in the household. For the elderly, the number of living children is strongly positively associated with whether a child is present in the household

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Lee Soo Ann and Goh Keng Swee

. Consequently he makes a plea for more comprehension of contemporary social processes, especially on the 130 part of the intellectual elite living in comfortable city life, whose default in the political leadership of developing countries he derides. To quote: "the process of development and modernisation

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Space of Deprivation

The 19th Century Bengali Kerani in the Bhadrolok Milieu of Calcutta

Sumit Chakrabarti

classifications” (Bhabha, 2004: 128) and hence become metonymies of presence . The life of the kerani was structured around low pay and a low standard of living on the one hand, and a rigorous work routine on the other. Even a cursory look at the clerk’s manual would make it evident what the imperial

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Jo-Pei Tan, Ki Soo Eun, Patcharalawai Wongboonsin, Kua Wongboonsin, Rahimah Ibrahim and Nguyen Huu Minh

parents than receive assistance from the parents within the three societies in both types of living arrangement. While these findings confirm past research in Southeast Asian societies, which included Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore (Chan 2005a , 2005b ) and Malaysia ( Lillard & Willis 1994

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Antonio L. Rappa

between state and civil society organizations will ensure that the elderly are accorded a location befitting their status in the final stage of the life-cycle. Politics and Family Structure Within the perspective of society, there appears to be a certain stress on the importance of the traditional respect