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Ram A. Cnaan and Sohyun Park

order to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups or to shape the community’s future (see also Cicognani et al., 2008 ; Gamble & Weil, 1995 ). Similarly, Ehrlich ( 2000 ) noted that “civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing

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Lili Wang

their new life in a host country, immigrants need assistance in adjusting to the new environment, which motivates them to join associations that could provide information and offer help. After they have established themselves in a new country, they would be more likely to want to connect with and

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Jacob Mwathi Mati

intrinsically embedded in the life cycle of birth, life and death of many, if not all Africans” (Moyo, 2011 , p. 1). As such, in many African societies, one is involved in some kind of philanthropic gesture either as a giver or a receiver from the time of birth, through life, and even at or after death

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History of Transnational Voluntary Associations

A Critical Multidisciplinary Review

Thomas R. Davies

aimed from its establishment in 1877 to “form a network of protection around every girl obliged to leave her home to earn a living, and so far as possible around every girl alone or in bad surroundings, whatever her nationality, religion or occupation” (Lyons 1963 : 277; Fallot 1902 ; Limoncelli 2010

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Laura Nirello and Lionel Prouteau

criticism of the social economy was that it ignored the political dimension of its origins and that it had become a feature of everyday life by adapting to the dominant functional principles. This was seen sometimes as the result of a process of market isomorphism, which had led to organizations in the

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David Horton Smith

the term biomass [ecology] ) states (p. 1) that, “Biomass is the mass of living biological organisms in a given area or ecosystem at a given time.” Global biomass adds up all the biomass for a particular type of organism. In the table of Global biomass (p. 3), cattle comprise an estimated 520 million

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Jenny Onyx* and Garth Nowland-Foreman

Britain since the late eighteenth century provided models of associational life for the first colonists. Tennant, O’Brien, & Sanders, 2008, p. 3 As in Australia, the sector benefited from English “common law” largely providing an enabling rather than a constraining environment for non-profits. With

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Shulamith Koenig

founded on a vision and a promise. It is a journey to advance Human Rights Cities as a vision of the future of humanity in which communities learn about human rights as a way of life and generate innovative and exciting social and economic transformation. A city is a microcosm of the world, where the

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Jenniffer Santos, Chelsea Sessoms and Judith Blau

ere is no precedence in empirical social sciences for the concept, “decent society.” However, the International Labour Organization has launched a campaign that stresses that people have the right to a “decent job” and the term conveys much more than simply earning a living, or “work” or “employment

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Laura Corradi and Giovanna Vingelli

principled ideas or values in motivating their forma- tion [. . .] bound together by shared values, a common discourse and dense exchanges of information and services [. . .] Activists in networks try not only to influence policy out- comes but to transform the terms and nature of the debate” (Keck and