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on people, organizations, communities, and societies in the instrumental sphere, affecting task accomplishment, while largely neglecting the expressive or emotional side of human life. This is a huge mistake. Research in the past fifty years has clearly shown that all important decisions by people at

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] ) states (p. 1) that, “Biomass is the mass of living biological organisms in a given area or ecosystem at a given time.” Global biomass adds up all the biomass for a particular type of organism. In the table of Global biomass (p. 3), cattle comprise an estimated 520 million [metric] tonnes of biomass, but

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on the Form 990. Voluntary donations represent a significant and important revenue source for many nonprofit organizations. In 2017, $410 billion (2.1 percent of US GDP ) was donated to charitable nonprofit agencies. 11 More than 70 percent of this giving comes from living individuals, about 16

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nurtured initially in this artistic milieu. Stephen Hunt’s (2004) research on a sample of members of the American Civil War Society (a British group) revealed that besides the battle re-enactments and aspects of living history generally, the camaraderie and the social life were regarded as the most

In: Voluntaristics Review
Author: Carl Milofsky

to such research, can be viewed mathematically as a dynamic property space defined by the demographic characteristics of GA members. Empirical data from ten US cities and towns confirmed that the nature of this property space significantly influenced the life cycle of GAs in these communities. The

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of American foreign policy (Mead 2017) and international trade (Irwin 2016) who have detected the feeling of betrayal among those negatively impacted by globalization and as a key motivator for supporting Donald Trump. Journalists who have analyzed the populist insurgencies outside of America have

In: Populism
Authors: Ram A. Cnaan and Sohyun Park

scope of civic engagement from the pure political sphere to include social behaviors, it is quite limited in its coverage. Adler and Goggin ( 2005 ) suggested that civic engagement refers to the ways in which citizens participate in the life of a community in order to improve the living conditions of

In: Voluntaristics Review
Author: Lili Wang

similar kind of exclusion and alienation in a host country, which could lower their voluntary participation. On the other hand, a competing theory argues that the exclusion of minority groups and immigrants from mainstream life motivates them to establish their own institutions which would encourage and

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YMG fitness band, which wouldn’t recharge, to Amazon when I started thinking about the world of retail and the role it plays in my life and in the everyday lives of Americans. On Thanksgiving, the newspapers all had an enormous number of brochures listing their “deals” for Black Friday. We had a

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intrinsically embedded in the life cycle of birth, life and death of many, if not all Africans” (Moyo, 2011 , p. 1). As such, in many African societies, one is involved in some kind of philanthropic gesture either as a giver or a receiver from the time of birth, through life, and even at or after death

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