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of American foreign policy (Mead 2017) and international trade (Irwin 2016) who have detected the feeling of betrayal among those negatively impacted by globalization and as a key motivator for supporting Donald Trump. Journalists who have analyzed the populist insurgencies outside of America have

In: Populism

There are only a few times in organization life when he [the ‘organization man’] can wrench his destiny into his own hands — and if he does not fight then, he will make a surrender that will later mock him. But when is that time? […] By what standards is he to judge? He does feel an obligation to

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy
Author: Iver B. Neumann

Putin and US President Donald Trump — unquestionably draw on some of the same visual tropes as did interwar politicians. From an ontic point of view, however, Habermasians simply overlook that beauty is a basic motivating fact of social life and so is inherently relevant to political action and analysis

In: The Hague Journal of Diplomacy

AKP within a ‘coherent ideological framework’, delegitimising all political opposition to the detriment of a democratic culture. 38 The AKP sought to create a system in which it ‘legislates a particular way of life and uses the state apparatus to impose its choice of morality, lifestyle and value

In: Populism

power over specific policy domains. Jahiel (1998) notes that, since the 1990s, international environmental conferences and funding for environmental protection efforts have motivated bureaucracies to “[scramble] for a piece of the environmental pie” (p. 786). Bureaucracies such as the mep , the

In: Environmental Governance in China
Author: Megan Dee

motivated by friendly intentions, or spelling out the positive details of what certain objectives might achieve. 28 A particular agenda may also be pushed by linking an objective with legal or scientific principles in an effort to raise the level of concern among more conservative negotiation partners in

In: Group Politics in UN Multilateralism

that case, however, rather than being the ultimate outcome of the process of un-living, “the conclusive theoretical characterization of the mere something as such” falls entirely outside the phased order, though in such a way that the conclusion can be motivated by any particular phase ( BP 113–14). Th

In: Research in Phenomenology
Author: Zachary Simpson

opening between a living being and the exte- rior world; as desire, life seeks out exteriority without limit. “Desire is fundamentally the desire for the world; the life of the living subject is accom- plished only as an unfolding of a world, and there is a world only for a living 30) Ibid. 31) Renaud

In: Research in Phenomenology

temporal dimensions at once. They display the visionary, poetic quality considered above, simultaneously accessing what was, is, and will be. In the comprehensive flow of life all living beings, all forms of life and modes of animation, come to be out of each other, hesitate for a while, and again fade

In: Research in Phenomenology

culmination of his thought into a sort of Hauptwerk , read- ers familiar with Scott’s trajectory over the last fifteen to twenty years will notice the persistence of a set of concerns that have for some time motivated his uniquely original voice. Th e question of ethics, memory, the middle voice, appearing

In: Research in Phenomenology