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Pivoting toward Hope

Interplay of Imagination, Fear and Life Experience

Francisca Ireland-Verwoerd and Mary Elizabeth Moore

sharing the gift of her presence with others. 2.2 Hee-kyung Hee-kyung is a 23-year-old Korean-American living in a city on the East Coast of the U.S. In telling her story, she describes a major turning point in her life when, at age 21, a church member raped her. This experience, together with

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Transforming the Spiritual Storehouse

A Portrait of Confirmation Camp in Finland

Jacob Sorenson

your life.” She wanted to ensure that the confirmands had the opportunity to find that meaning, as well. The other adult volunteer, while not as articulate about her own faith, said that religion became more “important” to her through her camp experience. She is a professional teacher who was using her

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Victor Counted

binds both partners to a relationship, and in particular, how the attachment framework explains youth faith formation. Fifteen Christian youths of various racial backgrounds living in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa, and between 18 to 35 years old 1 were recruited to participate in this

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Alexander E. Stewart

generally comes with an invitation to become a Christian in order to avoid future punishment in hell and experience eternal life in heaven. The goal of the whole production is to motivate people to the proper salvific response through the production of fear. The seasonal connection of these outreach events

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František Štěch

, Root and Dean, speak about young persons, they predominantly have in mind an adolescent person – a teenager. They see adolescence as a specific (developmental) time within the human life marked by advancement, preparation, intellectual, spiritual, as well as biological growth. 14 A slightly different

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Ruth Lukabyo

various brigades and single-sex Victorian youth clubs during the week. Ministry was focused on children, with little recognition of youth as a distinctive life-stage. In the 1930s this changed, 2 and there were significant ventures establishing new youth ministries. The university ministry was

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Worldview Formation and the Disney Universe

A Case Study on Media Engagement in Youth Ministry

Margunn Serigstad Dahle

ideas and values. mia lövheim 1 ∵ 1 Introduction The Swedish sociologist Mia Lövheim gives us no choice. The media-saturated everyday life of the digital natives has a huge impact on their worldview formation. Therefore, youth ministry must engage with influential media

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Sally Nash

love and compassion as people, as a person. I think that’s it. I don’t think it’s our job to, really to run their life, if someone wants to carry on living their life not in a way that you think they should be living it. I don’t … I think it’s still our job to show love and compassion to them. Not to

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Naomi Thompson and James Ballantyne

meaning. These become moments of sharing life experience and may naturally lead to spiritual questions. This is in accord with Dewey’s conception of experiential learning, often drawn on in youth work theory, who iterates that: ‘Many a person is unhappy, tortured within, because he has at command no art

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Avishalom Westreich

procreate, and a typological example of how this expansion moderates, or even blurs, existential dichotomies, such as life and death. By postmortem sperm retrieval a dead man can become a parent when his sperm is used to impregnate a living woman, creating a post-life continuation for himself. No doubt