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YMG fitness band, which wouldn’t recharge, to Amazon when I started thinking about the world of retail and the role it plays in my life and in the everyday lives of Americans. On Thanksgiving, the newspapers all had an enormous number of brochures listing their “deals” for Black Friday. We had a

In: Shopper's Paradise
Author: Sylvie Octobre

the same time, however, the tribalism of individual generations — and perhaps of society as a whole — is broadly lamented. But there are no tribes. The segmentation of different lifestyles and living conditions among young people means that we cannot identify a single category called “youth” that

In: Youth Technoculture: From Aesthetics to Politics

environment. Reader argues that pilgrimage has always existed in parallel to market forces and living daily life. 13 In so doing, even in a Disneyesque environment phenomenal and extraordinary journeys are possible. 14 Acknowledging this, the next couple of paragraphs involve the moot exercise of treating

In: Pilgrimage as Transformative Process
Author: Sylvie Octobre

. The crowd is like a living organism of its own, possessing autonomous traits that cannot be boiled down to the individuals that constitute it. Within a crowd, emotions are cumulative but rationality is not. A crowd is very different from a public ( un public) , which Gabriel Tarde analyzed as “a crowd

In: Youth Technoculture: From Aesthetics to Politics

education that embraces historical figures who were complicit in victimizing their ancestors, against a faded backdrop of Black victims, bystanders, and a few isolated Black protagonists. One of my students for life, a gifted conscious hip-hop artist from Oklahoma named Marcel P. Black once told me that he

In: No BS (Bad Stats)

performances of RambaZamba RambaZamba 4 – a theatre company (founded in 1991), which consists of actors with intellectual disabilities. She discovered that this was something that she wanted to do in life. Justyna was fascinated with RambaZamba RambaZamba and therefore decided that she was

In: Disability and Dissensus: Strategies of Disability Representation and Inclusion in Contemporary Culture
Author: Jeff Shantz

on the matter of practical anarchy: As to methods. Anarchism is not, as some may suppose, a theory of the future to be realized through divine inspiration. It is a living force in the affairs of our life, constantly creating new conditions. The methods of Anarchism therefore do not comprise an iron

In: Organizing Anarchy
Author: Angele Deguara

where I conducted my participant observation, described how for him Catholicism was always important, first as a religion, and later, spiritually. He claimed that Catholic is one adjective which he felt could define him in a profound manner. At the same time, my informants are living in a social

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31

hostility which can motivate them to engage in deviant and criminal behaviours ( Stiles, Liu and Kaplan, 2000 : 64). Morenoff, Sampson and Raudenbush ( 2001 : 518) opined that neighborhood-level income inequality is a significant predictor of the neighbourhood crime rate. A sharp contrast between the rich

In: Africa’s Radicalisms and Conservatisms

& King, 2005), spirituality came to signify a distinct private experience distinguishable from other domains of life (Oman, 2013; Ričan, 2004; Wulff, 1997). In sum, the concept of spirituality has been constructed in different ways at different times, and the current concept of spirituality is therefore

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31