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YMG fitness band, which wouldn’t recharge, to Amazon when I started thinking about the world of retail and the role it plays in my life and in the everyday lives of Americans. On Thanksgiving, the newspapers all had an enormous number of brochures listing their “deals” for Black Friday. We had a

In: Shopper's Paradise

animals that are emotionally connected to human beings, their salvation and reintegration into social life is a significant element for the recovery of living conditions prior to the event. The need to maintain a strong human-animal bond during emergencies remains essential in order to motivate actions

In: Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research

constrained by economics. In light of the previously discussed health benefits of the dog-human relationship, it could be argued that eliminating commercial breeders might indirectly exacerbate human health and quality of life disparities that already exist as a function of socioeconomic status. Such an

In: Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research
Author: Temple Grandin

motivated to improve cattle handling. There were some ranchers and cattle feeders in Arizona who provided good living conditions for their animals and careful low stress handling. However, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, cattle handling was ATROCIOUS in many places. I viewed that as a solvable problem because a

In: Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research
Author: David Lamb

because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing and life would not be worth living … Cited by Chandrasekhar, 1987: 59 A similar point was made by Lucasian Professor Michael Green (2009: 39) in an interview on string theory: The reason why I work on it is because it has

In: Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research
Author: Sara Fragoso

and/or aggressive behavior. Is it a behavioral problem? These specific behaviors are a problem in a shelter and while interacting and living with people. However, the same cannot be said when free-roaming. How can we guarantee a better life then? Do shelter cats have a life worth living? Should we

In: Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research

Art is the understanding of beauty through the senses, through all the senses, and in order to understand the dream of a Vinci, or the inner life of a Bach, one must, I repeat, be capable of adoring the scented and fugitive soul of a passionate wine. rouff 1924 ; cited in kramer

In: Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art
Author: Jeff Shantz

on the matter of practical anarchy: As to methods. Anarchism is not, as some may suppose, a theory of the future to be realized through divine inspiration. It is a living force in the affairs of our life, constantly creating new conditions. The methods of Anarchism therefore do not comprise an iron

In: Organizing Anarchy

’ […] by writing or reading, only because they are so many ways of not truly living” ( Bourdieu 1992 :61), is to miss the essential link Sartre establishes between a “perfectly clear” understanding and the state of being “unsettled.” The generation he is referring to lacked the tools of dialectical

In: Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art
Author: Gábor Boros

articulated in the arts and philosophy, but even in everyday life, we are urged to develop symbolic explanations, instead of rendering love a mere subclass of a general evolutionary scheme. Rather than ­being just one of the many passions that mostly hinder reason’s healing ac­tivity, love has always been

In: The Culture of Love in China and Europe