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decisions, even if things would have turned out differently for you 20 years in the future had you accepted one of the jobs in the Carolinas, or if you decided to bury your authentic self by living as everyone expected you to live. This meant being married to a man and having children. Like you do now, in

In: Living Sexuality
Author: Keith Berry

. No advances in terms of civil rights and social justice have occurred that have sufficiently collapsed this divide; a bifurcation that informs life in nearly every way I can imagine psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and economically. I must still tolerate and resist the “post-Ellen” and

In: Living Sexuality
Author: Keith Berry

perform for LGBQ rights, and civil rights, generally, motivates me to love and feel close to them. I make them a constant presence in my life. Even if they are mediated experiences, they are cherished gifts. *** If I close my eyes, I can picture being at lunch every day during high school. I am sitting by

In: Living Sexuality
Author: Tony E. Adams

, or flirted while in a (monogamous) relationship? What do you do, sexually, when traveling or living apart? Do you ever engage with erotic materials, watch porn, or fantasize about others? Some will quickly deny the possibility that they’ve ever done any of these acts. But then they’ll respond with

In: Living Sexuality
Author: Jenn Brandt

living in NY tenement. With a few exceptions, the show mostly avoided serious issues related to the Jewish-American experience, instead focusing on more family-centered topics. The appeal of Molly Goldberg transcended religion and ethnicity, as she dispensed her loving, if at times meddlesome, motherly

In: Gender and Pop Culture

to Beauvoir on October 5, 1939 emphasizing their merged relationship: “Oh yes, my dear love, you are living my life for me, make no mistake about it.” 48 Beauvoir agrees, as in this October 8, 1939 letter, but with a reciprocity missing from his letters: “My love, we are only one—and I feel that I

In: Simone de Beauvoir Studies

string of words with the whole of things, with a concrete, singular, living being. 14 Giacometti knew this lesson well. After the war, Giacometti devoted his art to the project of sculpting the human face. 15 As Beauvoir explains in The Prime of Life , “A face, [Giacometti] told us, is an indivisible

In: Simone de Beauvoir Studies
Author: Meryl Altman

work and good life (still can). But as Germaine Brée hinted, there are risks involved in a single-figure professional society. There is the danger of becoming a fan club, almost a cult. There is a danger of hagiography (which would be embarrassing) and a danger of antiquarianism (which would be dull

In: Simone de Beauvoir Studies

: Research suggests that a sexually active woman between ages 20 and 45 who wants two children, will spend, on average, almost 5 years of her life trying to become pregnant or postpartum, and more than four times that long trying to avoid pregnancy. (p. 270) About 75% of women of childbearing age depend

In: Enough Already! A Socialist Feminist Response to the Re-emergence of Right Wing Populism and Fascism in Media
Author: Ariadne Schmidt

5.1 Patterns of Crime in Leiden and Gouda In both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the ports determined the economic activity and the social fabric of everyday life. Yet whereas the industrial sectors in the maritime communities were varied, Gouda and Leiden were characterised by a

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