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Chapter 16 Refrain

decisions, even if things would have turned out differently for you 20 years in the future had you accepted one of the jobs in the Carolinas, or if you decided to bury your authentic self by living as everyone expected you to live. This meant being married to a man and having children. Like you do now, in

In: Living Sexuality

’s motivations for professional activity were different, with women motivated by compassion, and men by money: So women have hearts, they want to work, they want to be active in their life, they want to be productive, they want to live a productive life. That’s why they go into other places where men do not

In: Gender, Activism, and International Development Intervention in Kyrgyzstan
Chapter 15 Things I Must Still Do
Author: Keith Berry

silence still prevails. No advances in terms of civil rights and social justice have occurred that have sufficiently collapsed this divide; a bifurcation that informs life in nearly every way I can imagine psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and economically. I must still tolerate and resist the

In: Living Sexuality
Chapter 8 Relational Gifts
Author: Keith Berry

perform for LGBQ rights, and civil rights, generally, motivates me to love and feel close to them. I make them a constant presence in my life. Even if they are mediated experiences, they are cherished gifts. *** If I close my eyes, I can picture being at lunch every day during high school. I am

In: Living Sexuality
Author: Angele Deguara

where I conducted my participant observation, described how for him Catholicism was always important, first as a religion, and later, spiritually. He claimed that Catholic is one adjective which he felt could define him in a profound manner. At the same time, my informants are living in a social

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31
Author: Dorota Hall

deserves my love, she is a great person, I deserve her love, and so on. (Marta, b. 1985, identified as bisexual cis-gendered woman, brought up in Warsaw and living there) What Marta referred to as the ‘rescue’ was her potential to enter a heterosexual partnership, that is, to live a life approved by

In: Intersecting Religion and Sexuality

& King, 2005), spirituality came to signify a distinct private experience distinguishable from other domains of life (Oman, 2013; Ričan, 2004; Wulff, 1997). In sum, the concept of spirituality has been constructed in different ways at different times, and the current concept of spirituality is therefore

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31

pitched against a female super villain, Baroness Elsa von Kampf, thus suggesting that women, while of importance to the war effort, were most effective on the home front, or where men could not honorably engage (in the fight against women). 3 Storylines were also occasionally inspired by real-life female

In: Bodies in Flux

. 258). If I were to analyze my responses to the same surveys that Murphy uses to theorize about effective leadership and risk-taking, I would be caste as a person who generally avoid risks, is motivated by security and as such would be considered one of those ineffective leaders according to his

In: Critical Research Methodologies
Chapter 13 Monogamy
Author: Tony E. Adams

particular questions: Have you ever cheated, had sex, or flirted while in a (monogamous) relationship? What do you do, sexually, when traveling or living apart? Do you ever engage with erotic materials, watch porn, or fantasize about others? Some will quickly deny the possibility that they

In: Living Sexuality